A New Mural for an Eravur School

As part of our trip to Eravur, the Qatar Academy community decided to give a gift to our wonderful hostess and community who were ready to give up their homes and lives to help us around the country and learn about the history of Sri Lanka. One of the gifts came from the whole community of Qatar Academy was the cricket pitch goals, we have been raising money for a few month to help them buy something they have always wanted and we are more than happy to help them get it. Another thing we decided to give them was specifically from the group of students from QA Action who traveled all the way and it was the mural painted on the wall of a school.


Many activities that were done during this unforgettable trip were with the students of EEDI or EIC. The Sri Lankan community has given up so much to have us come to their beautiful country and learn the most important lessons in life. As a gift to thank them, Qatar Academy has decided to give them something that would have no expire date and would be in their hearts forever. We decided to paint them a Mural that would last as long as it can. We decided we wanted to draw something that would represent Sri Lanka and its many beauties. That is why we drew a giant lion made out of many shapes and colors. We wanted it to look creative and beautiful in the same time for them to always remember the great week we had with Sir Lanka. From the many places we visited, we went to a school for kids with special needs and planned to draw the mural there.


mural group


We started off by gathering all the equipment needed like paints, paintbrushes, pencils, tape and many more. One of the main struggles of drawing the mural was drawing it outside in the hot sun. Our main problem was not being able to see what the projector was projecting to us because of the sun so we had to climb to the top of the roof to add a large piece of fabric. This took a lot of strength and patience and couldn’t have been done without many of the communities help. We then set off to start tracing the picture then slowly painting it. We started off one the first day with the whole group helping however decided we would work more efficiently if we had only a group of 5 students. The second day the group went off from the morning to start painting and helping out, it was quite hard as the wall was very high and some had to stand on a ladder while some had to stand underneath it. By the last day the group had to just outline the whole thing and add any small editions that would make the mural stand out a little more.


Once the Mural was completed there was just one last thing we had to do which was sign our piece of art. We thought about writing our names as a border around the mural and adding the schools name and group on the top as a reminder we were always there and Sri Lanka is in our hearts.

By Sara Al Ani