HELA invited to attend NGO Gathering

On Wednesday Mohammad Bilal Mirbatzai, Finance Director of Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan (HELA), attended a seminar for NGOs which was held in the Continental Hotel. The event was hosted by Counterpart International.  About 30 people from about 30 different organizations were invited to the conference and Bilal attended on behalf of the HELA organization.

Participants at the seminar came along to find solutions to how to stabilize an organization financially and also how to develop a new organization. This seminar lasted the entire day and all the attendants tried to find ways and solutions to help new NGOs.

Bilal seminar 2
Bilal attending an NGO seminar.

Bilal stated “I felt very happy because I meet with lots of CEOs from NGOs  and shared ideas. We participated in discussions about the problems of how to establish NGOs and the steps of making NGOs. There are problems that we talked about why they  (officials) take money (bribes) when you are going to start work or register your NGO.  Overall it was a great time and lots of people were interested in our NGO when I said we were working in MUN , OMUN, and film making projects.”

It was a big honor that in such a big Seminar that HELA was invited. We are looking forward to taking part in such Seminars. This provides many opportunities for our members, students and even to other organizations for youth!