New Cricket Nets for Eravur

Cricket is to Sri Lanka what football is to Qatar. While in Eravur we went to a cricket field to lay the foundation of a new cricket practice net that QA Action raised money for.

The newly poured foundation for the nets QA Action was able to provide to the community.
Eravur's Cricket Pitch
Eravur’s Cricket Pitch

Before the event, the our students were spectators to a game cricket. Although most of the us knew nothing about cricket, we enthusiastically clapped after gauging cues from the Sri Lankans. However not long after the game commenced, it started raining.


Hometown Crowd
Hometown Crowd

Everyone crowded under umbrellas and the tarped seating area. Two little boys however decided it was a brilliant time to play in the rain. After the rain subsided, the cricket resumed. Except this time, QA was batting!



All the students and even some of the teachers took turns attempting to bat, some more successful than others! All in all, everyone had a great time.

By Dania Nasir, Qatar Academy