OMUN Comes to the Eastern Province

Entering the cold, air conditioned room in the IT labs seemed like heaven in the humid weather of Eravur. The QA Action team were met with giggles and greetings from 20 students who were excited. I think we were more nervous then the students were when we started introducing ourselves.

group photo ceremony

We started off with a game called fruits or vegetables as they were quite shy. Each student was designated a fruit or vegetable. They had to form a group and write down the names of the fruit and vegetables of their team members. They were then told to collaborate and write down the instructions of making a salad with the members’ fruits and vegetables. The room got louder with suggestions, and improvements being made and when Ms. Lisa announced that they had to put their pens down, there were still some students writing. The biggest struggle for them was deciding on the name of their salads as they took three minutes, thinking hard and blurting out ideas only to say another name. Eventually, we had to count them down to one choice.


Then Ms. Lisa asked for one representative from each team to stand up and read out their instructions, which made choosing a name seem relatively easy. The students giggled nervously, trying to pass the job to another team member while some teams had volunteers. There was quite some pressure on the first representative to say their instructions but after the first team went, the other teams started volunteering to go next as they were excited.

Activity at EIC

This game eased the idea of an MUN resolution and a quick preview of a Model United Nations (MUN) conference while also allowing students to interact with students outside of their close circle. It promoted collaboration and consideration which are important characteristics of a MUN conference. Furthermore, we informed them of Online MUN (OMUN), created by Ms. Lisa Martin, which gave them the opportunity to practice their MUN skills and experience first hand how a conference might operate.

Knowledge was meant to be spread and we had the honor and privilege of being able to give what we have been given, making  this a truly an unforgettable experience.