Written by: Sara Atassi, Renessa Tahilramani and Neha Rathi Excutive members of DIAMUN

Less than a decade ago, DIAMUN was simply an idea. But today, it is one of the leading conferences in the Middle East attracting over 52 schools from all over Asia, Africa, Europe and America. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for delegates to discuss, collaborate and formulate solutions to combat worldwide issues. It is a unique conference to engage in challenging debates over economic, social and political issues serving as a gateway to develop and inculcate essential skills such as public speaking, writing, researching, consensus building and conflict resolving skills.

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This year, DIAMUN 2016 will be hosting its first ever Special Committee in Arabic. It will be inclusive of both Arab and Non-Arab member states, however the committee will be run strictly in Arabic, inclusive of all resolutions and speeches. This committee will be an excellent opportunity for native Arabic speakers who wish to partake in DIAMUN, but lack strong English speaking skills. The Special Committee in Arabic aims to bring together Arabic speakers and honour the United Arab Emirates through language. The topics to be discussed in the DIAMUN 2016 committee will be:

1) Developing measures to increase job opportunities for women in the MENA region in order to increase economic inclusion.

2) Measures to provide women with equal access to education and ensure the development and provision of support for their higher education, with focus on the MENA region.

3) Understanding the challenges and disadvantages faced by women in refugee camps as a result of the Arab Spring, addressing measures through which this can be combatted and their needs can be fulfilled.

The committee was initiated by the Executive Team of DIAMUN 2016 and will be chaired by the President, Sara Atassi and co-chaired by DIA students Karim Ali and Hana Irro. The chairs and delegates will be trained in the protocol of the committee in preparation for the conference. We encourage any and all Arabic speakers to join the committee regardless of skill level in the Arabic language for a unique, beneficial and memorable experience. Positions as delegate are open.


The link to register online for DIAMUN is: http://diamun.org/2016/onlineregistration/

To be apart of the Arabic committee or any other further questions: