The QLC is right around the corner!

Razan El Kahlout is the Secretary General for the 2015 Qatar Leadership Conference. Razan is a senior at Qatar Academy Doha who driven herself to the top of the MUN ladder. She participated as a delegate, student officer and now Secretary General in local and international conferences. 

Hurray!  The Qatar Leadership Conference is right around the corner!
Hurray! The Qatar Leadership Conference is right around the corner!

There is less than a month left until the Qatar Leadership Conferece begins! We’re excited, and we hope you are too!

Our schedule for QLC is busy and eventful, we have the strongest presenter line-up QLC has ever seen. Are you going to go see Oliver Percovich, founder of Skateistan, or are you going to see Ali Abu Awwad, Palestinian peace activist? How do you decide whether to go see a humanitarian who has devoted his life to working with Bangkok’s destitute, or QLC returning speaker, Peter Dalglish? Our featured presenters are here to cater to YOUR interests!


We’re bringing in student presenters from abroad as well, like Abdullah Al Shackarchi, a student at the University of Surrey, who’s going to be presenting “Documentary Filmmaking: Impact and How to Get Started” alongside a local presenter from Carnegie Mellon University Ibrahim Soltan. Maybe you want to be involved in the Tech team at MUN, then go to Abdullah’s workshop “Student Driven Technology in MUN”. We’re also bringing in Yousef Ramzy and Ahmed Al Agha, from the American University of Cairo, who’ll be presenting “Filmmaking: Video Production – The Technical Side” and “Photography and Video for MUN Press Teams (with a special QLC project too)!”


We’ve also recently chose some of our local presenters, like Qatari filmmaker and writer Hamida Al Kuwari, she’s going to be presenting “Sincere Storytelling”. You might not be interested in filmmaking, but you could be wanting some insight into the paradox of college applications, then you’ll want to go see “Essays for Applications” with college counsellor Jaime Peterson.

If you don’t like hearing adults talk a lot, that’s okay! Your own peers will be offering you something to better yourself. For example you’ve got Tartelle Eltigani and Abdullah Naji presenting “MUN 101: The Power of Persuasion”, a workshop that’ll circle the process of being a delegate – what do YOU need to do to shine at MUN. If you’re already an experienced MUN delegate, then attend “Financial Crisis of 2008” with Emad Iqbal. There’s something interesting for you – hear the facts from a year 12 student at Doha College!

We’ve got a myriad of schools registered for QLC this year, so you’ll leave with new friends, and an insight into different cultures and personas. We can’t wait to inspire all of our participants, and to bring out the leaders within you. We believe that everyone who enters QLC is capable of leading worthwhile initiatives, and with the workshops we’re offering, you’ll be better equipped to take charge and lead others to a better future.