Dealing with Post-QLC Depression.

An article by Caleb Meyer  the Head of Press for MISMUN 2015. 

We all suffer from it, or at least most of us do. That tingly feeling of dreariness after MUN conferences or an MUN related conference. The constant struggle to stay motivated and kickstart life after an MUN conference or the QLC is something most us will be familiar with.


After three days of being around like-minded individuals who are comitted to improving the lives of others and themselves, life after QLC may seem a bit bland and mundane. The burst of energy and excitement you experience at the QLC when meeting new friends, making new connections and in my case, bonding, laughing and singing on top of my lungs with my friends on the way home, can be a stark contrast with the endless dreary demands of our daily lives. Most of us dread returning to the same old rhythms of completing homework’s, going to school or work, the list goes on. For me, this feeling is especially profound as QLC 2015 will be my last one.

However, I believe we shouldn’t be dismayed yet. The seeming dreariness and monotony of life is an invitation for us to change and improve our lives. Our brains and mind-set has undergone three days of inspiration and elevation, so it’s only natural for an inspired mind to see the mundaneness in life. Therefore, instead of moping about our current state-which I know can feel better than doing anything else, let us heed to the call to revolutionise our daily lives and choose to impart the energy we gained from QLC to the rhythms of life.

For this reason, we shouldn’t be dismayed, but we should find creative ways to change our lives as this is when great ideas are born and morphed to have an impact! So find those little opportunities, grab hold of it and do something great, so you too can also inspire a group of teenagers and adults at the next QLC 2016 or inspire the people around you, wherever you find yourself in the coming weeks, months and years to reach for greatness.