QLC and a thanks to Qatar Foundation

Emmy Josefson is the MUN Director from Awsaj Academy, a PreUniversity School based in Education City. It was their school’s first QLC experience.

As I finish typing up all of my notes taken at Qatar Leadership Conference I find myself reflecting on what an opportunity I was given to participate in a conference like this.  I am an MUN director and brought ten of my students to this conference. The information and knowledge they were given this past weekend will follow them for a lifetime.  I have been teaching my other students in my classes about Ali Abu Awwab, “Dreams are what keeps us from sleeping until they come true.”

MAwsaj team with  directory brain has been buzzing with dreams that I want to implement in my classroom, my household and share with the world.  I left QLC with a sense of renewal and a fire to make important changes that will fuel evolution.  I am inspired and ready to become the best me and teach others how to be the best them.  That fact that Qatar Foundation supports QLC shows that they are willing to create change in Doha and around the world, I am proud to be a part of an organization that is willing to improve me and the rest of humanity.