Marie Luthra reminisces on QLC

_MG_9823In a pre-conference interview Ms. Marie Luthra, MUN Director of DPS- Modern Indian School and THIMUN Advisory Board member shared her valuable thoughts on the Qatar Leadership Conference. She has been associated with the Qatar Leadership Conference since 2012 and has sweet reminiscences about the latter. On being asked to recollect some of these, she smiled as if with some profound knowledge and told us about her cherished relationship with a fraternity she considers to be of some of the best leaders, MUN-ers, debaters, professors and film-makers and her unforgettable memories of the unique learning opportunities Qatar Leadership Conference rendered.
Ms. Luthra had appreciative remarks for the platform QLC has provided to the students’ and teachers’ community alike, highlighting the edifying workshop experience and the lauded views of the presenter and raconteurs which are shared and transformed into positive changes in life.
Ms.Luthra’s cordial and long relationship with QLC led us to ask for her constructive feedback for the conference; after a notable pause she replied as a voracious learner and leader and expressed her want of an extra day to QLC and a ten percent increase in the attendees.
The interview ended with her being eager as ever for the Qatar Leadership Conference 2015 and us enlightened and warmed with her sweet reflections.