HELA partners with Afghan NGO, Youth Union

By Rahmat Hamdard, CEO and founding member of HELA

Youth center opening 7

On Saturday we have finally started our MUN project with an Afghan NGO by the name of Youth Union which has over than 30 branches in more than 22 provinces of Afghanistan, working for Afghan Youth the same as HELA organization doing.

We had a small opening ceremony at Youth Union, where we had invited student’s parents, chair of the Youth Union and some of their employees.

First Head of Youth Union Mr. Hashimi had a speech. He promised to support HELA organization in each and everything and wanted to be in partnership with us as long as possible.  The most interesting sentence which he said during of his speech and on which HELA organization must proud were that:

“I want HELA management team to make a class of MUN project for all our employees, it’s such an amazing project and we don’t want to miss such a big opportunity of learning something really unique. “ said Head of Youth Union Mr. Hashimi

Youth Center opening 2

After that Mr. Rahmatullah Hamdard had a speech on  behalf of HELA organization and partnering with the Youth Union- what opportunities can both organizations create for Afghan Youth? How to best serve Afghan Youth? And how to achieve student’s parent support and trust?  At the end of his speech he said: “HELA organization is committed to be an honest and one of the biggest partners of Youth Union for long time possible to better serve Afghan youth.”

Student’s parents were so happy. They named our organization a polite organization of Afghanistan and they also believes that HELA will improve very  much.

Now our classes will be continually running at Youth Union on Saturday and Tuesday for two hours and per Youth Union chair’s request we have made a class for Youth Union employees which will be on Thursday.

Our vision is to create the future leaders of Afghanistan and to serve them in the best way possible!

Youth Center OPening 1