Best National Film Winner now a finalist for Ajyal Film Festival

Sana Al Ansari has a passion.  Her passion is to create awareness about the rising rate of deaths due to careless and excessive speeding on Qatar roads.  By creating awareness, she hopes to lower those rates to a much lower rate.  She is very tired of hearing about all of Doha’s youth being buried day after day for senseless road accidents that could have been prevented.  With each death, there is one less Qatari girl who has a chance at marriage and a family in her future.  When a death hit close to home, Sana saw first-hand the effects of the accident.  She saw what the death did to the family; the mother, father, sisters and brothers, as well as the friends of the youth.  Although she has seen many films about road accidents, she hadn’t seen a film from the other side of the perspective—the family’s view on it.  How does it affect them? How do they deal with this death? Sana had a vision…to make a film about this and to spread awareness among the youth of Qatar to try to help her community by lowering the rate of accidents made by youth.


When Sana made her film, the first place she showed it was at the Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) EMPOWER Conference held in 2014 for youth themselves.  She was ecstatic to get the chance to show her film to youth her age in Qatar! It was very effective and got a great reception at the conference.  She also entered it in THIMUN Northwestern Film Festival, where it won Best National Picture. She never imagined it winning any award.  She just wanted to raise awareness in her community about this progressing problem that seems to be getting worse by the minute! She then took her film across the globe to Washington, DC where she presented a workshop and showed her film to youth there.  It was warmly received by all kinds of youth from all over the world.  In the Summer of 2015, Giffoni Film Festival showed her film in Giffoni, Italy to a wide range of jurors under the Made in Qatar section of the festival. People from all over the world got a chance to see it.  Now, at the end of November through the first week of December, 2015, it will be shown in the Ajyal Film Festival under the category Made in Qatar.  Her film will be shown on Wed., December 2, at 7 pm at Katara.  It’s called “If They Only Knew.”

Sana feels very happy that it is finally going to be shown where anyone who wants to view it in Qatar will get a chance to.  She is thrilled with how far the film has gone and she is hoping that it has made a difference on Doha’s roads to help reduce reckless driving.  She would like to remind Doha’s youth to buckle up, remember who is waiting for you at home and to put your telephones down when driving.  Nothing is that important that it can’t wait for you to arrive to text! Sana is very interested in showing her film at driving schools, as well as in secondary schools as well, to spread awareness on the repercussions of careless driving and driving with excessive speed.