HELA attends Afghan Social Media Summit

Mohammad Tariq Sherzad, Assistant Director of Development for HELA, is a founding member of this NGO and is working to promote MUN in Afghanistan. He was recently invited to the Afghan Social Media Summit and brings us this report.

tariqOne day when was thinking about the development of our organization and my life in our country, a friend came to me and told  me to join ASMS (Afghan Social Media Summit) 2015 which really helps in development of your organization. I asked him how I could join? He told me to take a ticket , share my  ideas with ASMS organizers and maybe I would be accepted you to join the event. This possible opportunity made me happy, particulalry when I found out that  I had been selected to go to the event. Famous  people were coming to the event such as Aryana Sayeed the singer. At ASMS she discussed  her love for Afghanistan and how much social media is helping her to show her feelings about Afghanistan.


On the first day of summit I have met one of the VIPs. I told him about our organization’s procedure and training and he gave me his business card and promised to help our organization. On the second day of the summit I saw many many people who were working for media. I saw a VIP who is film maker and making documentaries for the film festival. I introduced our organization he told me that how to set up a meeting and talk more; he sent his email to me that really helps us to develop our organization in making documentaries for the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival.

tariq After that I  met the program director of ASMS and told him about our organization. He was surprised and promised to invite us as VIP on ASMS#2016. I have also met the spokesman of Ministry of the Interior, Sediq Sediqi. He was talking and answering for our questions in the summit which really helped me to know about our country’s services through technology. On the third day of summit I again met  many people from NGOs and when I was talking about our organization they were surprised and wanted to have contact with me and finding opportunities to help. At last I want to say that this summit helped us to have more relations and contacts with other like-minded organizations, and this will help with the  development of HELA and for the future of Afghanistan.