UN websites that delegates need to know about

Most MUN delegates are deep into country and issue research. If you are looking for a few new sources of information, try checking these out!

Human Development Reports  Compliments of the UN Development Program (UNDP)

HD_reportThere is nothing a delegate can debate that can’t find some kind of statistical mention in the UNDP’s annual Human Development Report. This is an amazing compilation  of statistics, everything from internet access per 10,000 people to literacy and infant mortality rates, to number of elected women in government, to the caloric intake of children. It goes on and on and on.  UNDP ranks countries on their development index, but if that is too complicated to figure out, then the charts and charts of raw statistical data make up for it. So if you want to sound smart in committee by , for example, stating the percentage of people in your country living on degraded land and how that compares to other countries in the world, the Human Development Report is where you need to look. Hands down, this is one of the best resources out there for country-specific research and statistical data to back up your positions.

2015 Report: Coming December 14

2014 Report

United Nations Foundation’s UN Wire  Feed your research needs with a steady stream of UN News

UN_WIreThe United Nations Foundation is a public charity that was founded in order to held distribute Ted Turner’s historic one billion dollar donation to the work of the UN. The Foundation supports a myriad of programs, many of which will be familiar to MUN delegates. Of great value is the UN Wire, a daily wire feed of UN news. Getting this delivered to your in box and scimming through the titles of articles is a good way to keep very up to date on the Foundation’s and the UN’s work.

Politically Speaking  Online Publication for the United Nations Department of Public Affairs

WheUNDPA_TUmblr_shotn you subscribe to this newsletter, you will receive periodic email publications with recent news happening in and around the UN Secretariat. You can sign up here! What’s even more awesome is that they have a Tumblr account, a really painless way to get lots of UN news delivered to you via social media.




UN Web TV  Short (and not so short) recordings of all sorts of UN happenings.

UN_TVWhen you listen to some of the meetings, you’ll swear you are sitting in an MUN committee. It’s fun to check out what a real GA committee looks and sounds like. With careful searching you might find a nugget of gold, your assigned country’s rep in some video recorded debate or statement. You can search by topic, or by most popular. Is it any surprise that Psy’s meeting with Ban Ki Moon is the site’s most popular video? Check out minute 6:50.

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