MISMUN Qatar-Not just another training conference

By Barakah Bilal Moti, Head Chair of GA6 at MISMUN

On the 4th of December 2015, Messaieed International School hosted its second Model United Nations, aiming at both high school and middle school students. The ultimate goal of the conference was to, “to be even bigger and better than ever before, while maintaining the positive ethos of the first conference”. Without a doubt, the conference had an excellent start and finished strong.  MISMUN was a successful one-day conference that embodied the theme of “Breaking Taboos”, in which issues on the agenda revolved around this idea. A short but sweet training conference, left delegates with a boost in their confidence, challenged chairs to put forth their leadership skills and left all participants with lasting memories.


Successful is an understatement. With only 2-3 schools participating in MISMUN in 2014, this years MISMUN broke through with 12 participating schools, where students took on the role as either delegates or chairs. Additionally, MISMUN had 10 committees in total, with about 20-25 delegates in each forum. Since MISMUN was a training conference, more delegates were first-timers, just starting their MUN careers and finding ways to build their confidence in front a larger group of people by speaking about issues currently on the UN’s agenda. Furthermore, for the first time ever, MISMUN also organized a director’s debate, chaired by the Secretary General and President of the conference. This debate was “hilarious” as quoted by Mrs. Lisa Martin, the Head of THIMUN Qatar, which shows that the conference was enjoyable for both, students and teachers.

Personally speaking, as the Head Chair of GA6, I was concerned about the quality of debate in committee rooms. With only a few experienced delegates and a majority of first time delegates who were clueless of the process, it was a challenge to use my power as a chair to motivate delegates and invoke their ability to come up with radical solutions. I must say, with a number of delegates openly telling the chairs that they were introverts and extremely nervous to speak, did not let us down one bit. It actually encouraged the chairs to use their leadership skills in making sure that debate in the committee was qualitative. As a head chair, I was able to speak to every delegate individually, making sure that everyone steps out of their comfort zone and delivers a speech. With about ¾ of GA6 initially not wanting to break the silence, my co-chairs and I were able to make every delegate speak a number of times as the conference progressed. Shy and vulnerable delegates, aged only 11 years old were able to speak their minds, surely made every participant realize their ability to make changes if only they decide to do so. Similarly, other committees have illustrated a similar progress, which indeed concludes that the conference was a great initiative in preparing delegates for future conferences.

Delegates and Officers from GA6

MISMUN was a great conference overall. With small entertainment sittings in committee rooms, followed by a humorous directors debate and fruitful committee sessions, MISMUN gave joy to every participant. Although MUN is undeniably hard, it did not deter students starting their MUN careers but encourages them further. Hands off to the Secretary General, Hanna Moazam and the respective executive team for pulling together such an enjoyable conference. The goal was certainly achieved, to make MISMUN better than before and to give what they delegates needed, a boost in their confidence and self-esteem for future MUN conferences. Until next time MISMUN!