Park House English School Successfully Hosts Model United Nations Conference (PHESMUN)

Park House English School, one of Qatar’s oldest and most prestigious British schools, hosted the PHESMUN Conference on Saturday, November 21. More than 230 delegates, including 90 students from Park House, participated in the conference. Doha College, Qatar International School, Dukhan English School, Al-Khor International School, English Modern School and Al Jazeera Academy all participated along with seven students from the Doha Home Educators, a homeschooling programme. Park House has a rich history in participating in MUN conferences throughout the country with highlights being the Doha College MUN VIII earlier this month as well as the Qatar MUN and Film Leadership Conference 2015.

During PHESMUN, all delegates worked hard on preparing their research and presenting on issues related to the theme of The Millennium Development Goals. Apart from extensive research, delegates also conducted a number of debates on topics including “The question of regulating informal employment”, “Addressing the role of cultural beliefs in acquisition of healthcare”, “Targeting social and cultural differences when combating bilateral tensions” and “Measures to reduce carbon emissions”. Members of the Executive Committee trained new members as well as the participating Park House delegates.Mousa Al Waraki speaking at the Press conference hosted by Al Jazeera English

Mr. Dougie Smith, Headmaster of Park House English School, said: “We are extremely proud to have hosted PHESMUN. The participating delegates made this such an exciting and interesting event filled with intellectual debates, lively discussions and thought-provoking insight. MUN is a great initiative that teaches students a range of skills including diplomacy, research, public speaking, debating, writing, critical thinking and team work, along with developing leadership abilities, their understanding of international relations and the role of the UN.”

Major highlights during PHESMUN included a live press conference simulation hosted by Laura Kyle, Principal Presenter, News Reader and International Correspondent, and Tom Nicholson, a cameraman, both from Al Jazeera English News Channel. Students were placed under the spotlight and answered hard hitting questions as Ambassadors of their assigned countries. Mr. Issa Mohamed Al-Ishaq, the Administration and Finance Manager of Qatar Red Crescent, was the keynote speaker during the Opening Ceremony.