A director’s view from Taiwan

By Jessica De la O, MUN Director International Bilingual School Hsinchu

JrOnline United Nations has been an incredible opportunity for my middle school students, grades 6-8, to participate in Model United Nations’ debates with students from around the world. The International Bilingual School Hsinchu—Science Park has been sending young delegates to jrO-MUN debates for the past two years and as a result I’ve seen interest and participation in our middle school MUN club increase dramatically.

Few opportunities in Taiwan exist for middle school students to participate in face-to-face MUN conferences and coming from a public school, most of my students don’t have the means to travel to international conferences off the island. While searching for online debate opportunities for my students, I found jrO-MUN by chance one day. Upon further exploration of the jrO-MUN website, I was delighted to learn that the program is absolutely FREE for students and schools!

The high school student organizers of the jrO-MUN program do a great job of guiding students through the multi-step process of preparing for debates via the educational network, Edmodo.com. Prior to the actual debate, student organizers post reminders, tips and advise for middle school delegates via the jrO-MUN Edmodo group. The Edmodo group has given my students a unique opportunity to interact and work collaboratively with other deletes from schools in the U.S, India, and Afghanistan just to name a few. The group’s organizers are friendly and run a well-structured program, which helps relieve much of the burden from MUN directors, as they do the majority of the work. Based on my positive experience with jrO-MUN, I would highly encourage any curious MUN directors to get their students involved and discover benefits of jrO-MUN on your Middle School MUN program.