5 Reasons to go Press!

Written by Kylie Barnstead, Nivarthana Epalawatta and Shubhangi Kumari,  THIMUN Qatar 2016 Press Staff 

The Press Team is the small, indefatigable team that churns conference issues while you amble about in your free lobbying time. Being a part of the press team is equivalent to camping: there’s versatility in your actions, hard work in your endeavors and scrumptious food on your table. Read on to know the adventure (and feel a little sad to know what you’re missing out on) :

  1. Press Picture 1We have the power!

Press is POWERFUL – thanks to the press, there is a written record of the many happy moments of THIMUN! Press papers also record your “burning” and “owning” statements and the impact you make. Our paparazzi team captures the committee in action and, gets its own perks from delegates who yearn for Facebook Profile pictures. Sometimes we also have a fun time guffawing over the embarrassing shots!

  1. We don’t tie you to a chair in a room lockdown

In the press, you can go from committee to committee, room to room, and explore the diverse issues presented in THIMUN! You can go behind the scenes and interview Guest Speakers or specific delegates. You are not restricted to only one case, one issue, one room. Press is the chance to broaden your horizon.

Press Picture 2

  1. Flexibility..

Reporters  observe, research and write until 12 o’clock. After their work is done they help out another team and plan the next issue. Photographers are assigned a report and they run around doing what they love. The layout starts its main work after 12 o’clock when all the articles and photos are handed in. Online broadcasters spend the day filming and editing. The atmosphere is of brainstorming and idea-churning, filled with “Eureka!” moments.

Lastly, The scope for versatility is immense, you’re not just a photographer, you’re also a bit of a layout designer; not just a reporter but also a bit of a debater. Press brings out and hones your hidden skills, hop in for some self-discovery!

  1. Professional Experience
    Deadlines, organization, laptops and meetings give you the ultimate experience. If your goal is to be in advertising, public relations, graphic design, creative design, broadcasting, photography and journalism this is your niche! Not just that, the satisfaction of seeing your work materialize the next day feels just like the bonus check from the boss!
  1. Propaganda and still more

What we write is what people read and believe. The power of the printed cannot be undermined. Join the press team and control the readers’ minds! *Evil laugh* Moreover, our printed issues also stand out on college resumes!