Five Years of Commitment

Dr Abu Jbara, the sessional speaker representing Shell, the company that has been sponsoring THIMUN Qatar for the last five years, reflects of the amazing journey. 

What is the importance of youth empowerment?

Empowerment means trust, and that means we trust you – our young generation – to lead the nation. Nations are built by the youth and gets the wisdom from the older generation to preserve the culture and principles of the local community, and, at the same time bring the positive changes to the society to grant sustainability and survival.

How does Qatar Shell view its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives in regards to developing leadership in the country?

Qatar Shell is wholly committed to Qatar National Vision of 2030 in each of its four pillars – social, human, environmental and economic – by working with Qatari partners to create and deliver sustainable contributions to positively impact Qatar and this is exactly why we are supporting leadership initiatives such as THIMUN.

What role will Shell play in helping transition the region to a post-carbon society?

Shell research and development investment is one of the largest in the industry and it is not only directed to Oil and gas but it also concentrates on the alternative energy and the post-carbon future society.

Do you have and personal thoughts/reflections on THIMUN Qatar, particularly as a parent with a child who has been in the program?

THIMUN is a unique experience and I would like to personally encourage you all to maximise your benefits to gain new skills, enjoy new experiences and make new friends, reinforcing the mission of THIMUN; which is to encourage the practice of tolerance, peaceful co-habitation and mutually beneficial solutions through healthy debate and dialogue. This event is a noble cause, and one that we at Qatar Shell are honoured to support.