Travel Log: Journey to THIMUN Qatar

Christina Jisto is a 10th grader who recently joined MUN at Collegiate American School in Dubai. 

Travel Log: THIMUN Qatar


Day 1 (Tuesday)– MUN is totally a new experience for me. I’ve never been interested to join because I was never confident enough to do it. Public speaking is not my forté. Starting grade 10, I decided that I had to do something about my shyness/quietness. I was definitely nervous. The day we arrived was a free day. We arrived late afternoon and had the rest of the day all to ourselves. You won’t believe how tensed I was about the next day / first day of the conference. Tuesday ended and the next day began in a blink of an eye.

Day 2 (Wednesday)- First day of the conference. We all had to wake up at 5:00, eat breakfast at 5:45, and after that, we had to meet with our MUN directors at 6:30 in the hotel lobby. I’m proud of myself for waking up this early. *pat on the back*. We arrived at QNCC at 7:00 A.M sharp. As soon as we got there, my friend and I started to look for some people who were going to attend the same committee (GA2) as me, sadly I found no one. Anxiety kicks in. What if I’ll be alone during the 3-day conference? So many stupid questions went through my mind at that time. Eventually, I met some wonderful people in my committee! I wasn’t so lonely after all. After arriving the committee room, we were divided into groups during the lobbying session. I didn’t contribute as much as I hoped I would, but that was okay. Our resolution was submitted and soon it was going to be voted against or with. Our chair later dismissed us to go attend the opening ceremony and it was amazing! The ASDoha choir and band killed it! There was a live performance from Emmanuel Jal and it was so inspirational.

stage and parade

Day 3 (Thursday)– The second day began. The whole day was a blur. Thursday was the day the official conference began. No more lobbying, no more fun, just seriousness. We turned in our resolution and waited to hear everyone’s thoughts on it. Sadly, our resolution was postpond to the next day due to time constraints. As I was reading though the other groups’ resolutions, I was thinking, ‘Is ours even good enough?’. Taking aside those thoughts, my favorite part of the day was when I had the chance to vote. I felt like I was important and that people needed my vote to see if their resolution would be passed or not. However, I didn’t speak up or debate, but like I said, this was my first. I recognized many familiar faces from the QLC last year. I was so excited for the next day and I hoped it would be a good one.

Day 4 (Friday)- Last day of the conference. I had so much fun on the last day. I was never expecting this much laughter and joy to have come out of this day. Back to the conference hall, I had to go. Our resolution was being presented and I have to say, my team did a great job. Even though our resolution wasn’t three pages long, it was still passed by the vast number of votes voting with us. 30 minutes before we were dismissed to the closing ceremony, our Chair decided to read some notes that fellow delegates sent off to their friends. Many flirty notes were sent and it was hilarious hearing them out loud. Some were inappropriate at that situation, but whatever! Another delegate decided to thank the wonderful admin for their constant running all throughout the committee room, helping delegates pass their notes. It was equally hilarious to the previous act. As we got let out, I headed straight towards the auditorium where the closing ceremony was about to commence. Felt pretty emotional and proud to have attended THIMUN for the first time. We left QNCC and headed back to our hotel to get ready for the Cultural Night that took place in Qatar Academy. This was at night and let me tell you, I wasn’t prepared for the cold weather. I had thought that Doha would have the same weather as Dubai but, I guess I was wrong. I tried layering myself with a bunch of clothes yet, I was still freezing. Besides the constant complaining about the cold weather, my friends and I danced along to some Arabic music, ate some good food, and had a GREAT time attending Cultural Night. The time, the days, it all went by so fast.

Day 5 (Saturday)- The day we had to go back to Dubai. It was depressing. We felt lifeless. We had to drag our bodies to the airport and sit there and wait for the plane to arrive. We got on the plane, and as we left, we had to say goodbye to Qatar. “Bye bye”, I whispered. “Hope to see you soon!”. 

Even now, my mind keeps shouting out words like, second, point of personal privilege, present and voting, objection etc..