HELA: The year in review

HELA started working  one year ago in Kabul, Afghanistan with eight students from different districts of Kabul, both male and female. They were our freshmen class, having started our very first semester with them to implement the MUN idea, for the first time,  in Afghanistan.

Our very first semester was all about different topics like debates on many  topics of interest to the community and the world: leadership topics, self-confidence and public speaking. Also better communications was also in priority of our schedule because it’s very important to have strong communications with different types of people and categories to achieve our goal in our lives.

In this year we found the support of our partners, student’s families, friends in the community and outside of Afghanistan’s borders.

And we want to especial thank them as they supported us in our very first step and supported us.

HELA cake

The huge goal and achievement in our first year that we had is that we trained a successful leaders team and after that we sent them to their very first international conference to THIMUN in Qatar. They are now active as leaders and they have started their first step with HELA and now helping and running parts of HELA!

HELA delegation

Few words from the community about HELA

  1. “Thank you HELA for providing best for my best son.”  Mujtaba, HELA student mom
  1. “I believe that gender equality in program is bringing bright future for a country happy to be supporter of HELA.”  Sahar, Social activist in Afghanistan
  1. “Youths are like gold and when they stands with strong education they becomes diamonds! we are proud to be a strong support to HELA youth.” Afghanistan Youth Union

HELA has big plans for their upcoming year, including expansion, new office space, and more conferences!