THIMUN OMUN Team Reflects on #tq2016

This article is brought to us by Press Member and OMUN member, Dema A’bbas .

OMUN Team at QNCCWhen I used to talk about adventure, I always included jungles and road trips on my own. When I used to talk about fun, I always included the quietness of being alone on a Saturday night as I typed down some thoughts while listening to music. When I used to talk about ambitions, I always included finding a place I could always call home.

Turned out that this place I wanted to find wasn’t located on any sort of map. Instead, it was between the airy laughs and sarcastic jokes exchanged between all the delegates my eyes could catch sight of and my ears could hear as they chatted while they walked in their suits, looking all professional and determined to prove their opponents wrongs, all the way to their committees’ rooms.

It also turned out that those adventures I yearned for actually had to be shared between me and a huge group of people, who were nothing less and everything more than family and amazingly caring, loving, enjoyable people the world has ever granted me a chance to meet.

And about that fun I always desired? What else other than THIMUN could ever bring me something like it? Honestly, nothing could. And here goes why:

THIMUN is an experience that provided me and everyone I knew with other meanings to what life and family is. In only three days, I got to meet a whole lot of people, and they all had one thing in common which was the diversity in who they are. Everywhere I looked, I saw new faces that came from a certain place in the world. Teenagers from literally everywhere filled the building, giving a piece of their minds and cultures to everyone else surrounding them. The joy could be felt in the ambience, especially when it was time for the, rather I say it, marvelously enchanting ceremonies – where it didn’t matter who you sat next to because simply: you’d always have fun with anyone, no matter what country or religion or any symbolic title they held dear to their hearts. In THIMUN, we are all humans who want nothing but to have fun and make friends.

Now, no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to be able to put my words together to explain how utterly mesmerizing the conference was. So I asked some of my friends to help me put our feelings into words, and here’s what they had to say about it:

“For me, the trip included so many precious and golden memories. Being a part of a group is always hard when you barely know anybody. But in a way or another, those people found their ways to my heart along with our instructors, so I loved it as it crafted itself in my memories to be forever there. So even though I was an outcast that nobody knew before the trip to Qatar, I really enjoyed every single minute and found everyone seeming to accept me and filled the whole experiment with joy.”

-Waseem Abadi, and of course I had to mentally slap him for saying he felt like an outcast, for he was the life of the party.

“THIMUN was a life changing experience. Being a diplomat outside your country, and getting to know people from all over the globe are things you can’t go through like they’re some usual ever-day routine, and gladly, I’ve been enormously lucky to experience all of that with the greatest mates ever.”

Eman Ghanaiem, who was so much fun to hang around with and laugh along with when she glared playful daggers at our hearts whenever we were being (annoyingly) a group of complete morons.

Now to make this next quote clearer and easier to understand, the next friend of mine here is always down for knafa, which is an Arab dessert that is simply described as the moral of life for how beautiful it is. So here goes Rima Bdir – my friend – when she described THIMUN:

 “It was something close to knafa. It was a lifetime experience. I wouldn’t think of missing it if I got another chance especially if it means going back with the same flawless group. I still prefer if you add the knafa reference though – it expresses much more.”

Bashar Zhalka had something on his mind to mention (other than knafa):

“It’s pretty difficult to sum up eight of the best days of my life (which is how much time it took us to get to Qatar, participate in the conference and head back home) in a couple of sentences. However, I can say that the new meaning this trip gave to missing certain moments and people exceeded its known limits.”

Haseeb Malik stole the words right out of my mouth as he typed a message to me on what THIMUN means to him, and may I add that he was watching a match while doing so and I don’t even know how it turned out to be this perfect:

“THIMUN Qatar has more to offer than just debating. It is a blend of cultures, traditions and perspectives. THIMUN lays the foundation for youth to express themselves and put their personality to test as well as adopt a diplomatic style of communication. Having attended three consecutive THIMUN, I regard the event to be of great importance in my life and a certain achievement I shall always cherish and be proud of. I met new people; we became a group and a family at the end. Finally that it has come to an end for me, all the memories shall be locked away with great sentiment. To conclude with, THIMUN stands out as the most exceptional medium for youth to test, present and prove themselves.

And now for my best friend’s turn (it took her literally ages to write this):

“THIMUN Qatar will always stay as my top favorite trip of all times! As the years go by it only gets better. It was an honor for me to attend THIMUN Qatar again this year, and to be given the amazing privilege to be with the group I came with and to make new friends there. THIMUN Qatar will always be remembered as the star that shined my way to unforgettable things.” Noor Freg

How adorable of her!

So really, to anyone out there who is considering attending THIMUN:

Go for it! It’s worth the chance and shot. You’d always find your way when you go there. It’s a bit nerve wrecking at first, but once you get in the scene, trust me when I tell you that you’d never want to leave.