The World is our Home: a History of the THIMUN Qatar Theme Song

IMG_1352Not all MUN conferences have their own commissioned theme song, but no THIMUN Qatar conference would be complete without the traditional opening ceremony  performance of The World is Our Home.

According to Cameron Janzen, the founder of THIMUN Qatar, the idea came from the Qatar Academy Choir and Band teacher, Mandy Hollingsworth. The idea was shared with Mark Seay, band director at ASD, who happened to meet choral composer, professor and head of music education at the University of Florida, Dr. Russell Robinson at a NESA conference in Bangkok, and approached Robinson with the idea.

Mark Saey, Band Director for the American School of Doha.
Mark Saey, Band Director for the American School of Doha.

As Robinson remembers, “The theme of “The World is Our Home” came to me as I envisioned the flag ceremony representing many countries.  I contacted my collaborator, Carl Strommen in New York to write the band accompaniment.  In a short amount of time it was finished.  It is now published by Carl Fischer Publishing in New York City and being sung and performed around the world with “Commissioned and Dedicated to THIMUN” at the top of the first page of the music.  With over 250 pieces in print, I am very proud to have been asked to write this very special composition. ”

Cameron Janzen also added that “each year ASD would preform at the Opening Ceremony and when the MUN conference was moved to the convention center we wanted something special.” And the rest is history!

Here it is, in all its glory, at THIMUN Qatar 2016.

The musical score of The World is our Home can be purchased at J W Pepper.