Al-Khor International School’s MUN a big success!

By the AKISMUN Press Team

Al-Khor International School held its second Model United Nations conference last Friday on the 15th of April 2016. The Executive Team for AKISMUN has spent months before in preparation to this date and the final outcome of their handwork was well deserved.


Following the success of last year’s conference, the Executive Team 2016 was dedicated to follow up on that legacy and thus creating a whole new experience for everyone who attended. There was a lot of enthusiasm, especially from those who had done their fair share of research and resolution.




A total of 210 delegates from 9 schools were present which was split between 10 committees. These numbers has been a monumental increase from last year. The theme of ‘Global Goals’ was truly thought provoking because it led to passionate debates in all the committee rooms. The energy from the delegates was a pure spectacle; the rooms were packed with excitement as intense discussions were carried out.


At the end of the day, delegates came out of the conference having an increased awareness in issues around the world, improved their skills in debating and have had a whole day of fun and socializing with new people.

What’s next for AKISMUN? More delegates, more committees, more fun, or a combination of all three? We will just have to wait and see what the next Executive Team members have to offer.