DIAMUN-a delegate’s take

Travel Log DIAMUN

Wednesday (Opening Ceremony)- My friend and I had left school early that day, to prepare for the DIAMUN opening ceremony. We went together to the venue. It was held at the American University in Dubai, AUD. This was my first time stepping foot inside an actual college campus. I had a glimpse of college life for the first time. Since we arrived earlier than our school, we had spare time to relax in the campus before the ceremony started. We obviously found a Starbucks coffee shop in the campus and chilled there for a while. After that, we went to explore the campus and took “Instagram Worthy Photos” for our feed. Our school arrived 30 minutes before the ceremony started. I took some pictures with the rest of my school’s MUN team. We all entered the AUD auditorium with excitement. We had special seats up front because we were sister schools with Dubai International Academy, DIA. Students sang beautiful choir songs and performed an act about DIAMUN’s central topic for this year, Women and Development: Investing in Our Future. Speeches were made by the Secretary General and other important speakers. The ceremony ended with the Secretary General declaring that DIAMUN 2016 was officially opened!


Thursday (Conference Day 1)- Even though I was representing North Korea, I did meet some wonderful people in my committee. My friend and I were in the same committee so, we met double the times the people. Like all MUN conferences, it always had to start with a 2-3 hour lobbying session. During lobbying, I met new people, exchanged ideas, and created resolutions. I was pretty proud of myself because I actually imputed some of my preambulatory clauses onto my group’s final resolution. My committee was the last to be released for lunch. The cafeteria was packed with hungry teenagers. My friend and I found our friends outside and decided to wait for the crowd to simmer down. After a while of waiting, we got our food. Lunch time was up so, we all had to return back to our committees. Lobbying continued on for about two hours. My committee was the first to send in all the resolutions to the Advisory Panel for reviewing. Because we had spare time, we were granted a long indoor recess by the Dias. Opening speeches were presented by delegates towards the end of the day.


Friday (Conference Day 2 + Social Night)- I walked into the the conference hall and noticed that all the seats were modified and moved. The day before, all the seats were organized from A to Z, today, all the seats were arranged from Z to A. DPR Korea started with the letter ‘D’ and so I was set in the back. I tend to get very distracted when I’m placed in the back. I wasn’t paying much attention to the speakers while in the process of debate. My friend and I kept sending each other notes which kept me productive. I really wanted to speak, either by asking a question or going up to the podium, but I didn’t have the guts to. During a ten minute indoor recess, two girls approached me and asked if I could declare war on China. I started laughing. China is North Korea’s ally. They said that they had gotten 13 people to start a war. A war could’ve potentially entertained the entire committee. The plan eventually got cancelled due to unknown reasons. I was really impressed by all the delegates who went up to the podium to present their point of view on the resolution that was at hand. Hats of to them! Later on, during the debate session, one of our deputy chairs decided to act as a delegate and had gone up to the podium. His point of view was very entertaining and inspired other delegates on how to approach the their own views in an entertaining manner. I noticed a familiar face sitting in the back of the committee hall. It was the head of THIMUN, Lisa Martin. She was the one who had put me in ‘The Olive Branch’ newsletter– February Edition. I obviously had to go say “Hi”. After lunch, the Dias introduced the idea of superlatives, meaning best chair, best dressed, etc. The Dias counted up the votes and planned to read them aloud the next day. The conference ended at around 5:30 and the social night started at 7:00. I went back home, got ready, and met up with my friends at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The party was so much fun. I was so energized by everyone’s dancing and enthusiasm. The music was on point and very upbeat. It felt as if I was in a MUN nightclub. Three hours later, everyone started leaving as the party started wrapping up.


Saturday (Conference Day 3)- My seat was back up front. I was happy to see that. I knew I would be more concentrated up front. Debate session one was on going till lunch. My friend and I continued to send each other notes and discussed about talking up on the podium and/or asking a question. This was my last chance to speak. My mind kept on reminding me, “You didn’t speak up in THIMUN, you better speak up now in DIAMUN”. After a long hard process of thinking, I finally rose my placard to state a Point of Information. My friend and I planned to raise our placards at the same time to ask different questions. Unfortunately, my friend was not recognized by the Dias. Instead, I was. I was shaking, I had never spoken up in front of such a large crowd. “DPR Korea,” the Dias called out. I rose up and stated my Point of Information, POI. No words could explain how I felt at that moment. Me, being the shyest of all people, actually spoke up. Later, my committee was released to proceed to the Plenary session. All the General Assembly committees got together and did an hour of debate on three resolutions. I sat with my friends from the other GA committees. My friend started sending threat notes to the delegation of India and South Korea since we were both representing DPR Korea. Although the delegation of India complained about us to the admin, we still had fun. We sent funny notes to Canada which made everyone laugh. After the Plenary session ended, we were dismissed to the closing ceremony. I was proud to have attended two successful MUN conferences. Hopefully I will be attending more in the future but for now, two is good. It was a fun experience and I’m glad to have shared it with you!