The English Modern School Be Preppin’!


Article By: Layla Hamza, The English Modern School

Delegates from English Modern School…ready to shine!

Looks like we’ll be having some very fun debates today! The English Modern School has been firing it up lately. We’ve been preparing for this conference for around a month! But don’t get intimidated just yet, because we’re just as scared as you guys are! It is the first year of MUN for The English Modern School, but we’re more prepared than ever!

These past few weeks, we have been having so much fun preparing! Having mock debates, weekly 1 Hour meetings after school every Tuesday, preparing policy statements, resolutions, and speeches and showing it to each other. Even our officers such as our deputy chair for GA2, Malak Riad, have been preparing for this conference too! She’s been busy like a bee preparing a few Ice Breakers for her commission, so be excited for that! She’s also been very helpful at school by preparing her school mates that are attending for this conference. ‘’I’m pretty confident that it’ll be a great experience, and hope that I don’t have to heat the debate and make a couple juniors cry’’. Yes, she sounds a bit intimidating, but don’t worry, you’ll be just fine!

IMG_1344 Many of our delegates such as Tala Awwad have been preparing their policy statements, speeches, and resolutions. She and many others keep going over them every day looking for places that can be improved and they fix them, together. Tala specifically keeps practicing her speeches and watches out for her eye contact, tone, clarity, confidence, and body language. She shows her work to her friends and family to see their initial reactions and takes advice from them.

Even our younger delegates are pumped up for this conference, like Suliman Suliman. ‘’I will peacefully nuke whoever tries to attack me. And also I will try to be the best and beat them all! And of course, get my resolution passed!’’

We’re all helping each other out for this conference, and we’ll also be helping any other schools that might want some help with anything! MUN isn’t as intimidating as most of you might think. It’s really not that bad for those first comers out there, because if you really think about it, every single person in that room with you is at the same level of fear as you. Yes, they might be older or younger, but don’t underestimate them. They might be scared, yes, but they will try as hard as possible to make their resolutions pass.

IMG_1346I’ll be coming over to all the commissions to snap pictures of you all having fun and reporting what you’re doing throughout the conference, so expect to see me! Being a delegate in all my past conferences, I know exactly how you all feel. So don’t stress, keep calm, and have fun!

On behalf of The English Modern School and the delegates attending from it, we hope that all of yours and our resolutions pass, and that you all enjoy your time, and take it easy. Serious, but easy.