By Layla Hamza , MSMUN-Q Press Team

Lobbying MSMUN-Q was a very successful conference! Delegates were hyped up and ready to debate at the very opening of the conference!

ECOSOC had a very interesting topic to debate, ‘’Measures to prevent early and forced marriages’’ The second I walked into their commission I was startled by Netherlands and Sri Lanka’s policy statements. They were

IMG_0263absolutely outstanding! Strong, to the point, and very informative! But the delegate of Syria found a way to counter the other delegate’s policy statements on how early and forced marriages are bad, and made it seem like a good thing!

There were also a few busy bees in GA1. They’ve started and finished their lobbying and done their resolutions. It is the delegate of Russia’s first time being main submitter and has a couple words for you guys, ‘’It may be hard, but I’ll get through it’’. Hopefully, all of you are as positive as the delegate of Russia is!

I  interviewed a couple delegates in the commission rooms. One of them was the delegate of Sudan in GA6. He says that everyone in his group made a good effort in forming the resolution, and all the delegates cooperated with each other in a mannerly form. They eventually produced a well-detailed resolution. ‘’Many people want to do something in the world to make it a better place, but they’ll face many challenges. Due to which they are not able to accomplish what they intend to do’’. He also had a couple more inspiring sayings such as ‘’Do not let the fear of death come in the way of what you believe is the mission of your life’’ and ‘’Never compromise on your dreams, always compromise FOR your dreams’’.

The delegates in GA3 and the Disarmament Commission are also firing it up. The Disarmament Commission are really firing it up on a topic concerning ISIS, it’s a bomb debate! ‘’I enjoy MUN, and it’s a shame it’s my last conference’’ – A delegate in GA3.

The delegates in all of the commissions had a lot of fun sending in amendments and helping each other fix their resolutions instead of completely knocking them out.

In GA2, the deputy chair Malak Riad wanted to spice up the debate a bit, and played herself off as a delegate and let down some bomb POI’s on her delegates.

A lot of delegates couldn’t stop writing out PARAGRAPHS of POI’s and speeches, such as the delegate’s of the Netherlands, Sudan, and Syria in GA6. The delegate of Syria in ECOSOC was very friendly when talking about other delegates’ resolutions, but also stood her ground and was firm. The delegates in GA2 were pretty young, but their speeches and POI’s are outstanding compared to the other older delegates in the room.