Thank You for Dublin- Our MUN Experience Over the Years

Miss Rennicks, the MUN Director at Park House English School, is remembered and thanked by her student officer team! She will be missed!

Ms. Rennicks

Miss Rennicks has been working at Park House for four years now, two of which she’s spent as director of PHESMUN. Having been in the executive team for both of those years, I can say with the utmost certainty that without her, the Model United Nations club in our school would not be what it is today. She pushed us to work our hardest to make the club the best it could be, improving organisation and quality of sessions immensely and enabling us to host seven schools at our first ever external MUN conference. Miss Rennicks has been immensely supportive of all of us whenever we’ve needed help, MUN related or otherwise. In fact, I can thank her for being so forgiving and helping me keep my sanity while juggling A levels and MUN responsibilities. This year, Miss Rennicks will be moving back to Ireland to continue her teaching career, and everyone at Park House will miss her immensely.


Below are messages from some of the former and current PHESMUN Executive Committee members bidding her farewell:

I remember going to conferences and thinking I wanna give a speech in a PHES conference one day. For me it was just a dream that I didn’t think was possible to be honest. But you made it possible for me, you’ve always pushed us to our limits and made us unleash our full potential. I can’t be more grateful you’ve been the best director anyone could ask for.
-Mousa Alwaraki, Deputy Secretary General 2015-2016l

It has been an honour to work with Miss Rennicks this year. Her dedication and hard work has been noticed by everyone at Park House, and I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that she loyal. She smart. She grateful. And I appreciate that.
-Hamza Wasim, Head of Training 2015-2016

Thank you Miss Rennicks for always helping me out with all my MUN work and inspiring me to do better. It was a privilege to have you as my director for MUN and a true pleasure working with you! I will miss you loads.
-Vidisha Hemani, Head of Communications 2015-2016

main_photo-PHESMUN outreach

Ms Rennicks has always pushed harder than anyone else, simply because she knew how much we were capable of accomplishing. During her time as director, she brought out the best qualities in every member of Park House MUN. The heights that PHESMUN has reached under tutelage often seem beyond description. She will be sorely missed and we hope that Park House will be able to maintain the incredibly high standards that were set during her time. -Sreeparna Bose, Head of Press 2015-2016

Before year 10 I didn’t see the importance of MUN, it was always something I would mock my friends about when they told me that they had afterschool, but because of how well Miss. Rennicks directed the club it inspired me to become a part of this club and one day achieve a role of responsibility, thank you Miss for your amazing support and I wish you the best for the future!
-Michael Morgan, Head of Administration 2016-2017

IMG_7699 PHESMUN Exec. Group Picture

You never really appreciate the people that are around you until they are gone. Seeing Ms. Rennicks leave after all this time is something that is hard to digest, as she’s an individual that has become my mentor, teacher and director over the past few years. But I look forward to continuing the outstanding work she has done here at Park House with the rest of the team and hoping that we’ll be able to complete even half of the work she’s committed herself to at PHESMUN.
-Sandev Ferdinando, Secretary General 2016-2017

I have never seen anyone so committed to bringing the most out of the MUN community and especially our executive team, I think the whole school appreciates everything she’s done. -Firas El Chaer, Head of Admin 2015-2016, Deputy Secretary General 2016-2017

Miss Rennicks has always been pushing us to the furthest of our abilities and creativities. When she told us she was going to leave we were all so shocked, as no one will be able to direct PHESMUN like she has. It’s our job to keep her legacy alive, and to continue making her proud.
-Hend Al Sulaiti, Deputy Secretary General 2016-2017

Miss Rennicks has always been supportive in my entire MUN journey – without her guidance and commitment, PHESMUN would not have been able to thrive the way it has over the past years. I would like to thank her for all that she has done to bring out the best in us and good luck for the future!
-Rahema Velmi, Head of Training 2016-2017

Thank you miss rennicks for continuously being there to support us whenever we needed you and always made sure that we were nothing but prepared and ready to tackle anything that came our way. I would like to thank you for all the endless opportunities you have given us to help us grow through our MUN journey and end up as a part of the PHESMUN executive team
-Elissa Mefleh, Head of Press 2016-2017

You’ve honestly been such a great support, you kept us strong and positive all the time so I’d just like to thank you for everything you’ve done for us and for me personally, i wish you the best of luck!
-Mais Sannoufi, Deputy Head of Press 2016-2017

We can’t thank you enough for the motivation and support you’ve given us as MUN director, and these messages are a testament to that. From this year’s and next year’s executive team, we wish you all the best!
-Christopher Nasrawi, Secretary General 2015-2016