Farewell to TQ’s Conference Manager, Jesse Atkins

Thimun_2016_PrintSize-089If you have ever eaten a meal at a TQ conference, ridden a bus to QNCC, had an airline ticket sent to you for QLC, or received a visa for one of THIMUN Qatar’s events, you have been the beneficiary of  Jesse Atkin’s hard work and dedication!  THIMUN Qatar’s conference manager, who has been in his current position for the past 28 months, has helped guide THIMUN Qatar through a period of immense growth, an almost doubling in size since he first took on the Conference Manager role.  Jesse has been an integral part of the THIMUN Qatar’s development since before the program was even born, having been the First Secretary General for Qatar Academy’s MUN program in 2005.  From Secretary General of one of Qatar’s first MUN conferences, to the conference manager of one of the largest  of such events in the world, Jesse’s contributions to Model UN in the region are both unique and enormous.

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THIMUN Qatar, like many organizations in the region, experienced a staffing shortage in 2015-16, while the program continued to grow and mature. Under a less dedicated Manager, that would have spelt disaster, but TQ is wrapping up its fifth year, and what a year it has been! The Qatar Leadership Conference has seen a rise in both international prestige and a doubling in size since its initial inception in 2012. THIMUN Qatar’s January conference hit the 2000 participant mark in 2016.  The Film Festival saw the most diverse group of films ever submitted to the event. And Middle School MUN (MSMUN-Q) had its soft launch at QNCC in May. The credit for juggling these multiple programs, and for bringing the high quality organization to bear on THIMUN’s core programs, is a testament to Jesse’s hard work.

To say that Jesse will be missed is an understatement, but with new challenges on the horizon, and other organizations to help and assist, THIMUN Qatar’s loss will undoubtedly be another program’s gain. We are hoping he will be staying in the region!  Keep your eyes peeled for him at the QLC or TQ! Once a member of the THIMUN Qatar family, always a member of the THIMUN Qatar family!

Best of luck Jesse! You will be missed!