Meet the MISMUN 2016 Executive Crew

Like a superstar brought into the spotlight, 2015 concluded with a fabulous MISMUN conference, enjoyed by all delegates, teachers and staff members alike. This was to be expected, as the Executive Team consisted of experienced students from years 12 and 13. However, the Executive Team for the MISMUN 2016 conference is comprised of students ranging from year 11 to 13. This will generate a conference that will be younger, fresher and newer than previous MUN conferences. Our MUN conference is sure to be unique and extremely enjoyable!
The Executive Team is composed of the following individuals:
 Toqa Darwish-Secretary General
Known as the shorty, her less than average height must not be taken for granted. Her ideas and IQ level far exceed her height and she is quite intimidating when provoked! She is as organised as President Obama’s Secretary, as she came fully prepared with hand-written notes for her interview. Something that no other candidate had thought to do! Her sense of calm and level-headedness during discussions ensures that the Executive Team do not muck about while discussing essential matters.
 Johann Bambino -President
Johann is a humorous individual who excels at debating and MUN. Named as Best Delegate of his committee in DESMUN 2016, he aspires to be a lawyer in the future. His hopes are to create a conference that is unique to the ten, or so, conferences he has attended during his MUN career. He keeps the mood serious while discussing important things, but successfully cracks jokes and makes sarcastic comments to lighten any situation thrown his way, including his own interview!
 Gifty Tawiah-Deputy Secretary General
By far the most mature of the group, Gifty ensures that a sense of order is maintained during meetings and online conversations. She ensures that we preserve the formal aspect of a MUN conference, and don’t get too carried away with the entertainment department. She is one of the oldest of the group. Her fashion sense is to be admired and her MUN journey glorified. She is confident, organised and determined to make this year’s conference one that will reach out to everyone without fail!
 George Appiah-Deputy Secretary General
George is the enthusiast of the group, always willing to solve current world issues. He likes to think that his tall, slim figure intimidates people so he doesn’t fail to impose this on the rest of the executive team. George’s level of experience is an advantage to the rest of the team as his insights on how things should be done are often made with relation to his experiences throughout school life. With the right balance of humorous and seriousness, George’s role as Deputy Secretary General is not to be doubted.
 Shorouq Ghonim -Deputy President
Shorouq is a hardworking student who never fails to find time to discuss the matters relating to the upcoming conference alongside her studies. She is extremely optimistic and will find advantages in any grim situation. Her sense of humor keeps the Executive Team comfortable and free with each other, allowing us to bond like friends and not just colleagues! Her ultimate passion is food so rest assured that the food offered in our conference will be the best of our choices!
 Jannatul Oyshi-Head of Press
Originally a shy and quiet girl, debating and doing countless class presentations have allowed her to step out of her protective shell!! Being creative and innovative, she manages to layout any piece of work in an interesting and unique method, making it interesting yet informative to look at. Her aspirations include designing the ideal MISMUN conference with her peers without letting their oldness intimidate her…despite being one of the youngest in the executive team!
 Benedicta Krupah-Deputy Head of Press
Reliable and trustworthy, Benedicta is the perfect candidate for the role of Deputy Head of Press. She is always thinking about how our conference can be further promoted and advertised, in order to get more noticed. She is willing to give up her break times and free times in order to complete necessary tasks without exclaiming in protest or complaining. Incredibly friendly, Benedicta is easy to communicate with, despite being older than most of the executive team.
 Wendy Akuffo-Head of Admin
Reluctant to appear on camera, Wendy enjoys working behind the scenes. This makes her the perfect candidate for the role of Head of Admin. She will ensure that all the necessary tasks are completed behind the scenes to perfection so that delegates and chairs can enjoy a smooth conference! She is a positive, out-going girl who is determined to be of service to the MUN world by making small, but essential, contributions to this year’s conference.
 Rebecca Macauley-Deputy Head of Admin
One of the quietest members of the Executive Team, Rebecca is shy and hesitant to share her ideas. Naturally sporty, Rebecca is the proud winner of many sports medals and trophies as well as a regular team member in school teams. Her fatal weakness is taking photographs, as she cannot seem to keep a straight face no matter how many times she tries! Her perseverance is to be admired, although her constant bursts of uncontrollable laughter during photography sessions keeps us entertained and keeps the mood light.
Hassan Khan-Head of IT
The immediate joker of any room, Hassan is an enthusiastic year 10 student who loves to be titled as “class clown”. His tendency to joke around about anything and turn all of his actions and speech into can fool anyone into thinking he is not up to be a member of the Executive Team. However it is necessary to notice his ability to learn quickly and maintain a serious composure at the times of direst need as these qualities allow him to be an excellent Head of IT who knows when to joke around and when to be serious. His passion for any topic he favors is exemplary to any new delegates, as he can heat up any debate with his burning passion!