Meet THIMUN Qatar’s New Public Affairs Officers


Ahmed and Fatima for blogThe TQ office is thrilled to have our Public Affairs Officers in place for 2016-17. These are unique positions, as they are year long appointments to assist the TQ office with networking and promoting MUN in the region at a student to student level. The Public Affairs positions were launched last year to test the effectiveness of this kind of outreach, and with a dramatic increase in the kinds and types of stories that we covered in our blog, the experiment proved to be a success.  This years officers are both students at The American School of Doha. Ahmed El Namourey (Chief Officer) and Fatima Hussain (Deputy) will together be conducting outreach to MUN clubs and THIMUN-affiliated conferences in the region, soliciting news stories and conference promotions, and sharing them on the TQ Community blog, the Olive Branch, and other social media outlets.

If you would like to share the work of your MUN club, your preparations for THIMUN, your school’s MUN conference, or just an interesting observation or reflection on Model UN, be in touch with Ahmed and Fatima.  Directors can also be in touch with the Officers directly if they have further questions.

For more information or to share a story or idea please contact Ahmed El Namourey ( or Fatima Hussain (