THIMUN Qatar Leadership Conference—Taking the World by Storm!

Rahema Velmi


The THIMUN Qatar Leadership Conference is right around the corner, keeping everyone anticipating for another remarkable and spectacular conference! The bustling of preparations has long begun as QLC once again, holds the epitome of expectations for all it has to offer. Known to be a truly insightful and stimulating experience, this year’s conference will not be short from being the best. From real activists empowering and voicing for change to accidental social entrepreneurs and even girls’ rights advocates – QLC16 has a much diverse range of workshops for everyone and anyone.

Inspiration is often hard to find without exposure, without leaving our own nutshell of a comfort zone. The problems which lie beyond our very limited daily-routines are either too far to reach or not affecting ourselves in any way for us to make a difference. This conference proves to be the innovative and inspirational platform for leaders big or small, to join hands in being the hope for our tomorrow.  All of the distinct workshops, those driven by ambitious individuals and students, provide scope for personal growth and knowledge. QLC brings those powerful voices together, allowing interactions between leaders and leaders-to-be with the purpose of instilling an inner message far beyond and to carry on with life: you are never too late to make a positive impact in this world.

For budding MUN delegates or filmography enthusiasts and likewise aspiring journalists, this conference will help you build new connections and give a taster for the vast adventures to come. With over 600 participants, and a truly international experience – it’s a step forward towards the future.

Will you be attending QLC16? Thoughts?