An Interview with THIMUN co-chair Alain Meidinger

by Rayan El Amine

Alan Meidinger is currently acting as the co-chair in THIMUN Foundation. His passion and consistent participation in conferences around the world have put him in quite the unique position. His perspective into a conference such as QLC may be unmatched. Speaking on his role in THIMUN Foundation, as well as some moments from QLC that resonate with him, he is providing incredible insight into this conference.

  1.       Tell us a little about your role within THIMUN Foundation

I am of the 2 co-chairs of the THIMUN Foundation. The first term was from 2012-2016. I am starting my second term with Fran Laughlin, my co-chair. My role, I should write our role, with the help of the other Board members and the THIMUN Office is to organise MUN conferences in The Hague, Singapore and Montevideo. The organisational aspects include finding a theme to these conferences, as well as writing the issues on their agenda. Personally, I am in charge of the Tuesday Cinema Evening in The Hague and the World Photo Exhibition [2nd edition in 2017]. Assessing MUN conferences [for myself in English and in French. I did two in Spanish as well], organising workshops for new MUN directors. Thinking of the future of the MUN programme. Which parts of the world should we outreach? How to make MUN a real and better platform for High School students? How also to make the MUN conferences closer to the real UN?

  1.       How many QLCs have you attended?

I have attended two QLCs. 2012 and 2013. I checked. One led by Cameron Janzen, one by Lisa Martin. Both of them were and are our THIMUN representatives in the Middle East.

  1.       What is your most memorable QLC moment?

Two things I do remember the most from these two QLCs were the exchange of knowledge from people, young and less young, experienced in their own field and wanting to share their experience with others during these three amazing days. I also remember especially a young Palestinian talking about her daily life in Israel. She gave us a message of tolerance and hope.

  1.       Why are events like the QLC important to the THIMUN Foundation?

In my opinion, QLCs are a fundamental part of the outreach programme of the THIMUN Foundation. Let me give you an example. Thanks to QLC 2016, Francophone/French students from the Middle East will be present. With the help, of Lisa Martin, and Gaspard Launet, teacher at Lycée français Bonaparte in Doha, we are going to train these students and organise for them a mock debate. The final aim is to prepare them for THIMUN Qatar 2017 where, for the first time, a French forum will be held.

Furthermore, in a world where everyone seems to be connected by Internet, where skyping might be the new way of communicate, coming to Doha allows all the participants to meet, exchange in a formal way but also in an informal way.

  1.       Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to at THIS QLC?

I am looking forward to meeting old friends from Doha and people I know from other places such as the Netherlands, present at QLC 2016, to attending as much workshops as possible such as the ones of the ambassadors of Sweden and the Netherlands in Doha, of Matthew French or of Winand Staring, and finally to being captivated by the new generation of leaders of the world, especially from the Middle East.

  1.       Quick Answer: your favorite place to eat or favorite food in while in Qatar?

I didn’t go to too many places, but I do like the Italian restaurant of the Four Seasons, the Syrian restaurant where Cameron Janzen brought me in the Souk. I love Lebanese mezze.