QLC 16′ – Olaoluwa Abagun

Qatar Leadership Conference is very lucky to host the inspirational Olaoluwa Abagun’s workshop on girls’ right in our present society. Olaoluwa Abagun is an unapologetic feminist from Lagos, Nigeria. She is a lawyer who is fighting for adolescent girls who were victim of unplanned pregnancy, which breaks her heart however; it gives her more courage to fight for these young ones, because their Voice matter in our society and that is what she wants to revive.


  1. What do you want to tell the young out there?

“Dream wildly. Dare boldly. Deliver excellently.”

  1. How did your journey of being a girls’ right activist begin?

“My leadership and advocacy journey began when I was a 13 year old adolescent girl. My teachers nominated me to join the Nigerian Children’s Parliament, to advocate for child rights and contribute to the formulation of child-centred policies in Nigeria. In the course of 4 years of grassroots advocacy, I found myself drawn to the peculiar challenges confronting the girl child, particularly in issues relating to access to education/equal opportunities and vulnerability to violence. This stayed with me up until 2014, when I summoned courage (as a university undergraduate) to start a pro-girl NGO for girls rights advocacy and girl child empowerment across Africa.”

  1. What motivated you in times of downfall?

“My heart beats for a society where EVERY girl can fulfill her potentials, have unfettered access to quality education, and stay protected from all forms of violence. Every night, I go to bed with this big picture and I also wake up to with it in the morning. This is what has kept me going in the face of challenges…the knowledge that I am a step closer to securing a girl’s future.”

  1. When you are stressed, what helps you calm your mind?

“I listen to Sinach, my all-time favorite gospel singer. Her music always soothes my burdened mind.”

  1. Your expectation about the Qatar Leadership conference.

“I look forward to meeting the future of diplomacy, social entrepreneurship, political leadership, and civic engagement at QLC 2016. I believe in the power and potentials of young people and I cannot wait to fuel my belief at this groundbreaking conference.”

  1. Describe the Model United Nation in one word or a short sentence.

“A disruptive space for grooming world shakers!”



“Feminism is the translucent lens through which I view all individuals – EQUAL, regardless of gender.”

I am an unapologetic feminist and my name is Olaoluwa Abagun from Lagos, Nigeria.

Seeing adolescent girls been a victim of unplanned pregnancy broke my heart however, it gave me more courage to fight for these young ones, because their Voice matter in our society and that is what I want to revive.