QLC 16′ – Peggy Flynn and Life in Botswana

By Ezekiel J

The Qatar Leadership Conference is fortunate to have Peggy Flynn who will be sharing her work and life in Botswana. Peggy Flynn is a Peace Corps volunteer from United States of America. She volunteered to help the less privilege in Botswana, and worked in a small town called Ghanzi, in the Kalahari Desert. She shares some insights into her work there.

1.You have spent the last three years in Botswana. What compelled you to leave your home in California and embark on this adventure?

I was accepted into the United States Peace Corps after an 11-month competitive e application process. I applied because I had always wanted to be a part of the Peace Corps, and deeply believe in the transformative power of community service, the ability of people, anywhere in the world, to come together and solve community problems.

2. What kind of work did you do in Botswana? Where did you live and did you make friends with local people?

I live in the Kalahari Desert of Botswana, and work at the District AIDS office, focusing on strengthening the capacity of government staff and local community organizations, i.e., planning and project management skills, budgetary and financial reporting skills. Yes, all my friends here are Botswana.

3. What value do you think High school students get from thinking about doing a program like the Peace Corps or some other volunteer service program?

I think it’s important for all of us, whatever our age, to have a sense of community and believe in our responsibilities to be a part of creating solutions, helping to make our community members healthier, happier and empowered to solve problems.

4. Have you ever presented at an event like a youth leadership conference?

Yes, I have!

5. If you could share one message from the youth of Botswana to the 
youth of Qatar, What would it be?

From the HV+ youth of Botswana: “We may have a virus, but that does not define who we are in this world.”