Igniting the love for OMUN in the hearts of 600 students

Aditya Rathi, Executive Administrative Officer and the National Liaison for UAE

“Please welcome, Aditya Rathi and his team, who will come to talk to you about Online MUN”, said Mr. Jennings, our secondary school in-charge. It was finally time for me to share whatever I had learned in the past two years, with the next batch of students, with the next future world leaders and with the next Secretary Generals of DIAMUN. I knew being the Executive Administrative Officer and the National Liaison for UAE would not be easy, and when I applied for this job I knew I would have to speak in front of an audience. However, I never fathomed an audience of over 580 students.

To get an assembly with the entire school, from years 7-12, we need to request for approval one month in advance. With this confirmation, I began structuring and tailoring the presentation to better suit my school. While doing this, I realized I would need some help in making the presentation interesting for all, so I decided to recruit 4 OMUN delegates. Adam, Ayush, Ronit and Dhiren had all started OMUN 2 years ago, and were immediately on board with the idea of the presentation. Over the next week, leading up to the main presentation, we worked tirelessly on creating a script that would make the assembly informational and fun. So, I told Ronit, Ayush and Dhiren to create a short skit/debate on choosing between OMUN and traditional MUN. In the end, they decided, best start off with OMUN to train yourself for traditional MUN, and then continue by doing both. I really liked their conclusion, so they went ahead with that in their script.

I felt surprisingly calm the day of the presentation; I was going to speak for 20 minutes non-stop, and then 10 minutes again, but I felt ready, happy to be spreading OMUN. The presentation went smoothly and we got asked several questions that showed that the audience was engaged and happy to look at this new platform. While I had planned the presentation to be for years 8-10, thinking the year 11s and the 7s would be disinterested, we did an assembly with all year levels and most of the questions were in fact asked by the Year 7s. Asking all my co-hosts, it was a great experience. We helped others understand why we love OMUN so much, so eventually they got involved in this program. This furthered the hierarchy of leadership. I was so incredibly proud of my friends who helped me and also proud of the audience for their engagement. I would also like to thank Mr. Jennings, Mr. Vikas and Mrs. Corleen, our MUN directors, and all the other members that helped make this event a reality.

– Aditya Rathi, Executive Administrative Officer and the National Liaison for UAE