HELA Co-Founder Reflects on QLC 16′


Rahmat Hamdard is the Co-founder of HELA, Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan, itself a product of QLC 2014. Rahmat shares his thoughts about this year’s event.


It was my first QLC, which was the best ever experience! One of the biggest surprises was that presenters from different countries of the world were sharing their experiences with students and were giving students ideas of thinking differently in this world. Everyone was just trying to learn more and to get a lot benefit by enhancing their skills from this conference. The second biggest surprise was that the Qatar Leadership Conference was a place where everyone can make a big network of friends and can make their communication much wider through which they can serve the world!

Such conferences have a huge impact on student’s personal and professional life. What I observed in many students during QLC16 was that they learned not only to think about themselves, but also to be thinking about the better future of the entire world.

I have so many good memories from this QLC, but one was my first presentation together with my colleague Sulaiman Sulaimankhil about Women Empowerment in Post Conflict Areas; all the audience were listening carefully and deeply and they really wanted to really know about the topic, and most of the audience were female. At the end many of them came to us and thank us for fighting for Women Rights. This potential admiration really encouraged me to further work hard!

My second best memory during conference was that I have gotten many good friends and supporters for our organization (Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan-HELA) which will help us to improve MUN in Afghanistan.

Qatar Leadership Conference is a unique event in Middle East which has a huge impact on everyone’s leadership skills. In this event everyone is just learning from each other, no matter how old or how experienced they are!