Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani shares thoughts on #qlc16

1610_qlc_0359It was our great honor to have Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani speak at the fifth annual Qatar Leadership Conference. He made time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for our press team.

Have you participated in past QLCs and if so, how was this one different from past events?

This is the first time I have the privilege to participate at the QLC conference. QLC16 was informative and engaging and the volunteers were very helpful at all times.

What surprised you most about the Qatar Leadership Conference?

The excellent organization, the high level of the audience engagement and the proactivity of the students and volunteers who were, at all times, ready to assist in all tasks related to the workshop presentation and IT support in the Conference rooms.

What value is there in holding events like this for high school students?

To inspire them to discover what are their hidden passions that they may not be necessarily aware of by listening to the key speakers’ stories achievements aiming to bring about a positive impact on the society and the communities.

If the QLC could be improved or grown in new directions, what would that look like?

Focusing on practical applications and good practices in youth leadership education with a delivery that includes dynamic learning environments through simulation, group design activities, personal assessments and interactive learning sessions.

Placing High School students in summer internship programs to benefit the local and global communities in cooperation with non-profit organizations and/or Enterprises Corporate social responsibility programs and showcasing their projects at the QLC Conference with exchange programs scholarships and awards prices for the achievers.


What is a favorite memory or two of this year’s QLC?

  1. Presenting my workshops at the QLC Theatre with the largest ever audience which I was subject to so far.
  2. Being impressed by the unforgettable resonance of the crowd’s positive energy vibes.

What value does a QLC event have for adults?

It engages them and gives them incentives to pursue their cooperation and continuous participation in QLC future projects to advance their personal development goals and those of the teams they may be working with aiming to benefit the local and global communities.

The Student Executive Team would like to thank Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani once again for attending #qlc16 and hope that he will join us for future events!