Model United Nations.. In French.

Sally Sassine and Rayan Aramouni’s mission is to pass down their knowledge and nurture MUNers in becoming great leaders of the future.

The purpose of the workshop was to become familiar with the French MUN. It allowed bilingual MUNers who speak both French and English to have an idea of how they can benefit from both conferences and discover the challenges they could face during both of them. Believing practice makes perfection, Sally and Rayan
have organized a debate. The motion of this debate was unrelated with MUN and focused on different types of education such as co-education but the delegates had to use the MUN methodology to give a good speech. The debate couldn’t be more active and interesting. All participants took part in the debate including Rayan and Sally’s director and the board member of the THIMUN Office and chairman of the MFNU, Alain Meidinger. People were jumping right into the workshop’s debate and energetic in creating arguments on a topic that had intrigued them while using the appropriate MUN methodology.

untitledRayan and Sally are truly honored to be the first people to be entrusted to introduce the French language in MUN and hope they made the same positive impact they have had in previous conferences with their workshop. They strongly believe QLC is be a great platform for young MUNers to exchange ideas and open a fruitful dialogue with professionals from around the globe. They thank QLC for helping them introduce a new language in the MUN world and hope to participate in QLC 2017 with new original ideas to help build the leaders of tomorrow.