TQ Heroes: Tariq Al Suwaidi

The TQ Heroes series is highlighting the work of the special individuals and organizations that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make THIMUN Qatar events happen. One very special individual is Tariq Al Suwaidi, Government Affairs Manager at Qatar Foundation, who has worked in his current position for nine years.  If you have been the beneficiary of a conference visa, Mr Al Suwaidi is likely the person who made that happen. Visa support is one of our office’s most important services to international schools, and Mr Al Suwaidi is a very pivotal person in allowing THIMUN Qatar to provide this service. We posed a few questions to this TQ hero:

 What specific role have you played in supporting the THIMUN Qatar office/program? 

My job has been to ensure success of this large important event by ensuring that visa arrangements are handled smoothly and creates a good impression which reflects well on the Foundation.                           

Is there anything about your current job that you are proud of and enjoy doing?

I have always felt well supported by management.  A lot of people know my name. I provide guidance to QF & Education city employees and support the Management

Tell us something about yourself and what motivates you in your work?

I manage the Government Affairs Department and its functionaries and ensure professional support to and process QF’s transactions through governmental authorities and embassies. Every day you have a puzzle that you must solve by the end of the day;  the work is challenging and you constantly improve yourself and learn  something new all the time.

Mr Al Suwaidi has never been to a THIMUN Qatar event, although he would like to. We hope that he will consider attending THIMUN Qatar 2017, and meet some of the many students who have directly benefited from his hard work and dedication. The TQ office calls him ‘the dream maker’, and many of our guests would agree.

Mr Al Suwaid, we salute you and your contributions to THIMUN Qatar each and every year! You truly are a TQ hero!!!