TQ Heroes: Ransom Pereira

THIMUN Qatar works with wonderful people in the community who go to great lengths to make our delegates and teachers feel welcome during the THIMUN Qatar conference. Mr Ransom Pereira is one of them!

What is your name, job and how long have you worked in your current job? (required)

My name is Ransom Pereira, and I’m the Assistant Director of Sales at the Raddison Blu Hotel in Doha. I’ve worked in sales for 12 years.

What specific role have you played in supporting the THIMUN Qatar office/program? (required)

I’ve supported the THIMUN Qatar program by providing hotel accommodation for THIMUN Qatar delegates and other THIMUN participants who do not live in Qatar.

Have you ever been to a THIMUN Qatar event?  I have never been to a THIMUN Qatar event.  If no, would you like to?  Yes, I would.

When you think of THIMUN Qatar, what comes to mind?

When I think of THIMUN Qatar, I think of giving an opportunity to the new generation to get familiar with the process of international relations.

When you hear the words “Model United Nations”, what comes to mind?

I think of high school students experiencing the process of the United Nations in the form of a role-play.

Did you ever do MUN while you were in school? Do you know others that have done MUN as an after school activity?

No, I didn’t do MUN in school and I don’t know others who have done it as an after school activity.

THIMUN is a student-run program. What are your viewpoints on student run programs?

I think student run programs are good, as it is a process of educating the new generations to come to deal with the present international relations and provides students with leadership experience.

Is there anything about your current job that you are proud of and enjoy doing?

I enjoy meeting different individuals from various professions and backgrounds.

Tell us something about yourself and what motivates you in your work?

I have been working in the hospitality industry from the time I completed my High School. The thing that keeps me going is meeting different individual daily and working with a diverse team of individuals  who are working towards the one goal of providing the best hospitality experience in Doha.

If you could say one thing to young people (high school aged) today, what words of advice would you have for them?

I would tell them to identify your passion and work hard to achieve your goals.