GA6 Committee & THIMUNQ 17





Hey! I’m Sarah, a current senior at the American School of Doha. This is my 4th THIMUN Qatar conference, and I’m really excited to be chairing in such a captivating committee. I’ve always been incredibly passionate about social justice issues, and partaking in stimulating conversations is honestly probably one of my favourite things. So, to be chairing GA 6, ground for some of the most heated debates from my experiences, is an experience I’m really looking forward to. I can’t wait to see you all at this conference and I hope we can have the most memorable conference yet.



Hi, I’m Ahmed, and I’m a current Junior at the International School of Islamabad in Pakistan. Growing up I have always had a passion for debating whether it was about which ice cream flavor is the best (chocolate obviously) or serious world issues. I discovered my true love for MUN in 8th grade when I chaired a conference for Middle Schoolers at my old school in Bangkok (ISB). Ever since then, I have been heavily involved in the MUN society at my schools and the real UN by constantly keeping up with whats going on over there. I attended THIMUN Qatar last year as a delegate and this year as a chair, I hope I can help to provide you with an amazing and memorable experience like I had last year!



Hello. I am Jasmin Afifi, a year 11 student in English Modern School. It has only been my second year in MUN, but I have changed dramatically. I am the recruitment officer in my school, and I enjoy sharing my information about MUN to other delegates. Moreover, MUN has opened up new doors for me, that i never knew existed. Last year, I was representing Cameroon in THIMUN, and I kept imagining how awesome it would be if I could chair in THIMUN the following year. I never gave up on my dream, and you should do the same. Here I am, excited to meet all of you, and to get to know each of you better.



The sixth general assembly or the legal committee plays a crucial role in the United Nations. The committee has universal membership, thus all UN member states are de jure members, and non-member states are observers. The committee concerns the formulation and application of international law, and has contributed numerous solutions in light of human rights. Considering many of the world’s current issues are in dire need of international collaboration and law, the sixth general committee is one of the UN bodies that debates the most relevant global concerns. The issues debated in this year’s THIMUN Qatar conference are global issues relevant to the international community, and thus need the assistance of young delegates with a modern perspective on how to approach such issues.