GA3 and THIMUNQ 17

Role in UN

The 3rd General Assembly of the United Nations is a committee which overlooks the social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all over the world. The committee addresses issues relating to the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues, the treatment of refugees, the promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racism and racial discrimination, and the right to self- determination. Overall, this committee focuses on the inspection of human rights questions which includes the issues within the GA3 committee at THIMUN Qatar 2017. They are, “Ensuring successful polio eradication programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan”, “Ensuring inclusion of the disabled in development planning and employment programs”, “Developing effective methods to eliminate human trafficking” and “Measures to protect threatened natural areas and world heritage sites”. These issues form a very holistic image of the world as we see it today. In a world of war, crisis and political unrest, many are displaced. However, what many do not consider is the impact it has on their lives as well as that of the society in which they choose to call home. So this year in GA3 join us as we begin the journey towards a better world for those who are yet to see it as we do.


Ensuring successful polio eradication programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan

The polio virus has been a threat to the global population since the early 20th century. Without the medical advancements that have been achieved we wouldn’t be seeing an end to the eradication of this virus, however to completely abolish the virus we must ensure that there is a future plan maintaining the polio free world.

The issue was picked as children under the age of 5 are most vulnerable to this virus, which means if affected they will struggle in the future as they could be denied the right to go to school (or might not be able to go to school due to their disability) which will limit their economic opportunities which is an issue the sustainable development goals are trying to solve. The theme of this years THIMUN conference is Decent Work and Employment, The issue is most suitable as it also links into the issue of Ensuring inclusion of the disabled in development planning and employment programs as contracting the virus will make you paralysed which is a form of physical disability which can limit their inclusion in employment.

The issue is to due with successfully ensuring that Pakistan and Afghanistan (the only 2 countries which have cases of polio). It would be as easy as going into these countries and vaccinating everyone however the difficulties arise when the public do not trust the vaccination due to false information being spread and the presence of terrorist organisations within these countries. It is vital to ensure these countries eradicate polio and everyone worldwide is immunised as if one child is not vaccinated and contracts the disease they have the power to spread the virus to 200 people, this will cause a rapid increase globally and the issue will be present once more.

We have come a long way since the early 20th century and due to government and private organisations collaborating together as well as the huge investment made into medical advancements we have managed to reduce the cases of polio worldwide by 99%.


Ensuring inclusion of the disabled in development planning and employment programs

This issue links more with the theme of THIMUN as previously mentioned, disabled people live in the poorest conditions (these living conditions can lead to more people to become disabled) which could suggest that they did not have access to a good education and so are not qualified for well paying jobs this leads them to live in poor quality housing and living conditions which will exclude them from development planning and employment programs. This is what the sustainable development goal is trying to solve. This could be done by ensuring the needs of the disabled are met which could include better health infrastructure and resources for them to access to help them. As well as this the laws protecting the rights of disabled people should be heavily enforced, if not then employers will continue to discriminate against disabled people causing the cycle of poverty and disability to continue. The only way this cycle can break is with education and improving public health services.

Due to the large amounts of discrimination the disabled receive it could also be hard for them to find a job however it is easier said than done to stop the discrimination as it is difficult to determine someone with a disability didn’t receive the job due to their disability or because they were just not qualified enough for the job. But even with the difficulty the issue must meet a solution as it is vital to solve due to the fact that not only does this benefit the quality of living for disabled if they are employed into better paying jobs however governments will benefit as they would be receiving income tax from people with disabilities if they were employed, which can be used to help improve infrastructure and quality of living within these countries.



Measures to Protect Threatened World Heritage Site Issue and Natural Areas

Cultural significance, personal identities, national pride. In a world where crisis, war, political unrests have reached their peaks, the attention given towards other areas is slowing diminishing. This is why the issue of protecting world heritage sites so getting more and more urgent as there are little to no measures being taken to protect these wonders. In addition to this, this issue is drawn predominantly towards world heritage sites and the natural areas are often disregarded during debate. Natural areas are equally important as they consist of only 27% of the world’s surface area. The chosen theme of this years conference is related to the decent work and employment. This topic was cautiously chosen to explore the depth of the theme and the impacts it has from various outside forces. With unrests destroying monuments and natural areas, there has been a major decrease in the number of jobs available to such nations as a major part of their income comes from tourism. This not only makes this issue significant, but also puts a lot of urgency to solve it.


Not only do these historic landmarks provide jobs, they are also part of the nation’s identity; something that they use to recognise themselves by. We are constantly stripping them of the characteristics they use to define themselves. On the 15th of March 2016, a news article was released stating that 6 out of 6 Syrian world heritage sites were damaged or even destroyed during the course of the recent civil war. The 6 consist of the city of Palmyra, Old City of Aleppo, Ancient City of Damascus, Bosra, Ancient Villages of Northern Syria, Carc des Chevaliers Fortress as well as a number of museums which have been looted in the recent years by ISIS and internal rebellion groups. This issue cannot resolve itself. It needs our guidance, our mentorship and our action to have the chance to resolve and quite hopefully stop other landmarks from getting destroyed in the future.


Human Trafficking Issue

Human trafficking has been an issue of great concern to the United Nations. The Third Committee of the General Assembly focuses mainly on the issues classified under social, humanitarian and cultural issues. Human trafficking being an issue of great danger towards millions of people within nations, is one that affects the development of human welfare in the world that we live in and therefore is an issue of great prominence within this GA for the past few years. It also plays a part towards this year’s theme of “Decent Work and Employment”, where the main reasons why people get integrated to such a harsh part of society are to find a means to earn a living to support their family. Providing jobs and employing the unemployed can ensure that people have no reason to be involved or volunteer their lives in unhygienic and abusive environments for the sake of supporting the ones they love or even themselves.


The issue of Developing Effective Methods to Eliminate Human Trafficking revolves around the thousands of women and children that are stripped away from their freedom as they are abducted from their homes across countries to live and serve immoral jobs under harsh and physiologically threatening environments. Over the last few years, many have been subject to this vital act and it has been developed into a general means to objectify people through paving a pathway into organ trade, prostitution and debt bondage. When looking at one, we see a person with emotions and the gift of life; however an issue such as human trafficking brings forth a new perspective to a human being. One where we see each other as simply objects without a mind of our own ready to be manipulated and destroyed. By developing effective solutions to this issue we bring safety to countries and abolish the idea or choice that a person might have to turn to such a crime to ensure that they or their families may be supported.


Who your student officers are and what we hope to accomplish from this conference:

My name is Michael Omatsola-Mscreen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-36-12-pmorgan and I’ll be the head chair of GA3 for THIMUN Qatar 2017. I’m in Year 13 and I study at Park House English School. An interesting fact about me is that I was chosen as TIME magazine’s person of the year in 2006. I am very excited to be chairing this committee and I hope to see some interesting debate take place. This is my second (and last) year at THIMUN and some advice I would give new delegates is don’t be shy to speak your mind. If you have a point to say I would fully encourage you to say it because a point any delegate makes has the potential to change the flow of debate which is also very interesting to see, as well as this you will be there for three days and so I would like each delegate to come out on the last day feeling like they contributed to the debate at hand.


I wish to see everyone leave this conference with a greater understanding of the world we live in, myself included. It is important for everyone to better their knowledge on the importance of these issues that will be debated within our committee and why they should be a concern for the youth due to the fact that we will be the future leaders of the world and we will be responsible for ensuring that these issues meet a solution, which is why I want to encourage all participants to be active in debate and constantly explore different solutions to the issues at hand.


Hello! My name is Jerusha Bambino and I’ll be one of the deputy chairs of GA3. I am currently 15 years old and in Year 10 at Mesaieed International School. A weird fact about me is that I’ve never been to Starbucks.

screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-36-23-pm Through my 3 years of MUN experience, I’ve sat through my fair share of mundane debates where delegates are either following the lead of the majority or just too shy to speak their mind. I encourage all delegates to speak their mind whether or not they are supported by their committee. I wish that by the end of this year’s conference that everyone develops the confidence within them to lead and not just follow. Through developing the confidence to stand up and speak we can also explore the different aspects within the issues and not just cover the usual ground. Going the extra mile within the committee can make a delegate really stand out. So, I aim for this committee to be super active during the days to come in this conference and hope that this can bring out new skills within everyone that we can take away with us.




My name is Sanskriti Tandon and I will be your deputy chair for the conference. I’m a grade 11 student in Qatar Academy Doha and I’m 17 years old. I have been a very active member of the MUN family for the last 2 academic years by chairing at a number of OMUN conferences and THIMUN Qatar as well as being the Deputy Secretary General at the most recent Qatar Leadership Conference and upcoming MSMUN. I have also bescreen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-36-36-pmen a part of 2 THIMUN Initiatives as part of QA Action which resulted in me giving training to Sri Lankan delegates both from Sri Lanka as well as the Sri Lankan School here in Doha. These led me to discover the magnitude and the impact that MUN can have on societies.

MUN is a program not only to showcase your speaking ability but to share your opinions freely and become a more open minded member of the community. To drive yourself forward in the world of MUN there are only two things you need: passion and curiosity. Passion allows you to keep yourself engaged and curiosity gives you the ability to find out more and more. If you’re new or an experienced delegate, remember that every conference is a step towards climbing the ladder of success not only towards achieving something greater in your MUN career but also towards becoming a well rounded member of the global community.