Directors get their debate on!

The Directors Training Institute is a program that is designed to aid the MUN directors when supporting their student delegates. MUN directors often have a huge burden when advising their students as they often have no experience in MUN themselves. Many directors have to learn through trial and error. This is difficult especially since many of the students often have little experience as well. Therefore, Best Delegate founder Ryan Villanueva developed The Directors Training Institute for both new and experienced directors which take place during the conference.


From interviewing Ryan Villanueva, I have obtained a closer look into the program. Mr. Villanueva really enjoys visiting Qatar. This is his 9th time in Doha, and his 3rd time at the THIMUN Qatar conference. Mr. Villanueva believes that the students are wonderful, however he particularly enjoys working with the teachers and helping them understand Model UN so they can pass their knowledge down to the students. Mr. Villanueva prepares for the program by “thinking about the students and teachers [he] will meet at the conference, and thinking about how [he] can be helpful and make valuable contributions to the conference”. Since the program is for teachers, Mr. Villanueva focuses on the teachers he will work with within the Directors Institute. He tries to anticipate the MUN experience of the teachers and what challenges the their respective MUN programs may be facing, and thus prepares the material accordingly. Lastly, he thinks about how he can bring out the best in every interaction with every student and every teacher he will work with at THIMUN Qatar.


The program is broken into two levels. The Level 1 program is for new directors and features lessons to help new delegates learn how to research, gain confidence in public speaking skills, resolution writing ability, and other procedures in preparing for MUN conferences. The Level 2 program is for more experienced directors. It features lessons on the specifics of how MUN is similar and different to the real UN, and how to develop student leadership when managing MUN clubs and hosting MUN conferences.

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“I feel more confident and prepared to help develop my school’s MUN program.” –Keith Snider


“The institute left me feeling confident that I could run my MUN club successfully.” –Christine Fonseka


“It was evident that the participants who prepared were much more successful, which made the debate more meaningful for them. It was a suitable exam that accurately assessed the knowledge required to be a successful MUN advisor!” –Shannon La Nou