TQ Heroes: Andrew Newman

The TQ Heroes series is highlighting the work of the special individuals and organizations that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make THIMUN Qatar events happen. In this edition, we highlight those who administer this event, visually document the important occurring events, spend extra hours helping this conference come to life, and help directors be better ready for their jobs.


HELA and JB on Dhow

Andrew Newman, coming from the John Burroughs School, his participation as a photographer in both QLC and THIMUN Qatar, and his documentation and place as a director have been key pieces in this program’s success over the last few years. He is a longstanding member of the THIMUN Advisory Board and Director of MUNITY Press in The Hague.

When you think of THIMUN Qatar, what comes to mind?

“Brilliant students in the Middle East region working actively and compassionately to make the world a better place to live.  I also think of Cameron Janzen and Lisa Martin who have lead this program, built it to what it is today, and have sacrificed so much to give us all these amazing programs.”

Is there anything about your current job that you are proud of and enjoy doing?

“I admire the leaders of HELA (Hope in Education and Leadership in Afghanistan) who I witnessed on Tuesday presenting their NGO and ideas for the future of MUN in Afghanistan to the ambassador of Afghanistan in Qatar.  Being in that room, watching them, was a highlight of my teaching career.”

The Boys

If you could say one thing to young people today, what words of advice would you have for them?

“The voice of the youth is our future. It is your responsibility to use it wisely and respectfully.”