THIMUN Qatar Opening Ceremony 2017


THIMUN Qatar’s Opening Ceremony was held on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017. It opened with a performance by the American School of Doha’s Band, welcoming the delegate ambassadors onto the stage for the Flag Procession, as the School’s Choir echoed sentiments about embracing each nation’s diversity by singing “The World is our Home”.



The overarching theme of the ceremony, in addition to that of the conference, was “Employment and Decent Work,” the eighth UN Sustainable Development Goal – a theme that connects with us, as delegates, specifically, and the rest of the world, collectively. The theme implies that the issue is not necessarily about having a job and being able to earn an income, but moreover, about having an employment process that is non-exploitative and fair. “All people deserve to live and work with dignity,” as Lisa Martin, Head of THIMUN, said.

Employment may not be something that we, as delegates, are always concerned about, having assumed that the work we do in the future will be determined by parental and societal expectations. This conference, however, offers those who are passionate enough about others, and who aspire to dedicate their lives towards being global citizens, the opportunity to consider fields of study they may be interested in pursuing. As Ms. Martin expressed, our time should be devoted towards improving something that inspires or concerns us, and translate this interest into a career. And what better environment to be inspired in than at THIMUNQ, a conference that prides itself on promoting a mutual desire to solve global issues?

Another sentiment expressed was that all young people, as agents of the future, should be given the opportunity to grow together. Broadening perspectives on the issues discussed in each committee — including gender discrimination, female empowerment, corporate responsibility, sustainable development, and economic growth — is essential for instilling the desire to create change, which requires difficult and intricate planning in order to be effectively implemented.



The ultimate aim of the conference is to go after something you’re passionate about. We are driven by aim, and when we are driven, we have the desire to make change. We hope that this conference can inspire delegates to gain further insight about topics of global concern, and to work collectively to come up with possible solutions in response to these concerns.

You can see the Opening Ceremony Video here: