THIMUN Qatar 2017 Concludes

As delegates wrap up with their debates, finalize resolutions, and congratulate one another on their accomplishments over the last few days, it has come time to reflect on all that has happened at THIMUN Qatar 2017 – the pressure and the frustration, but also the satisfaction and the success. Anyone who has ever been involved in any aspect of THIMUN Qatar knows the immense amount of work that goes into having a successful conference, and so we should take a moment to celebrate all that work.

As we close on THIMUN Qatar 2017, Ms. Martin’s advice for the future comes to mind: “What problem do I most want to see solved? How can I make a career out of what needs to be done?” By working through the various issues presented at this conference, each participant of THIMUN Qatar 2017 has begun to visualize the tangible ways in which they can start to carve out a path for themselves  – a path that will allow them to continue to work towards resolving the issues that were discussed and debated at this year’s conference in meaningful and important ways.


Because this year’s theme was “Employment and Decent Work”, delegates, particularly those in the Committee on Employment and Decent Work, have worked tirelessly these last few days to attempt to begin resolving issues related to this theme –  understanding that “all people deserve to have employment and decent work”. The process of working with these issues during lobbying and merging, debating and voting, has undoubtedly left them all with a greater understanding of the work that still needs to be done, and hopefully, a greater sense of urgency and passion for seeing it through as well.

As we leave THIMUN Qatar 2017, take a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished here in the last few days – not only the resolutions that have been debated, but also, all the collaboration went into the conference, the memorable conversations that have been had, and the inspiration this conference has instilled within us.