Awsaj Academy’s Areej AlKaabi talks about the power of MUN

I still remember that day when my friend came to me and told me to join a class called MUN. They said it would help me be a better student so I said yes. I still remember taking the signature paper to my beloved teachers for their signatures. Eventually, the real day came when I went to my first conference ever, and I was scared. I was confused, shy, and unsure what was happening. In the conference room I was sitting away from people to avoid speaking to them because I didn’t know what they were talking about. It seemed like they were talking about a serious issue and I was talking about how iPhones were awesome.

On that day I regretted my decision to join MUN, and I was thinking of quitting, but something in my head told me to stay. Even though the whole committee laughed at me and I was embarrassed, that tough situation built my confidence. Year after year with the help of Mrs. Machicek, Mr. Arduser, my mother and father things got easier and I understood more and more what was happening. Now I love MUN because I can debate with people, but in a professional and appropriate way. Three years later I am able to answer any question, teach others about MUN procedures, and chair committees.

It is true that MUN separated me from some of my friends, but trust me, it’s fine because I made a good choice. People ask me “Are you serious? You go to do school work on the weekends?” Today, to these people, I would like to say yes, I am glad I gave up my weekends so I can be where I am as a student today.  MUN helped me with public speaking, leadership skills and built in me a level of responsibility I did not have before.

I have been to Ireland and spoke to a room filled with 600 people, I am a captain of the Awsaj MUN team, I have been a main submitter on a resolution that passed, I have been an ambassador, and I have been a committee chair at MSMUN-Q. MUN helped me build a strength and confidence I never knew I had. At my first conference I couldn’t speak or stand in front of 20 people, but today as you all can see,  I can do anything. I am not the old Areej; today I am not scared, not shy, not confused, I am very sure of what I am saying and full of confidence. MUN gave me many opportunities to try and I honor all of them. I believe for every problem there must be a solution, well, except maybe for algebra.

The secret to success is patience. There are hard days that might make you want to quit, but wait because you don’t know what is waiting for you in the future. You don’t know what is behind a locked door. MUN unlocked the door to my future. Thank you



By Areej AlKaabi, President of Awsaj Mock Debate and Awsaj MUN Club