ANNOUNCEMENT: The SDG-5 Article Series

With the conference theme and issues finalized, the Executive Committee is working in full swing in preparation for the 7th Annual THIMUN Qatar conference. However, we want to take this time to reflect back on how far THIMUN Qatar has come and shine a spotlight on its ever growing community that has made this possible.

Over the next few months, we will be profiling some of these individuals who have made incredible strides in bolstering the THIMUN Qatar mission and get an insight to their personal experiences and opinions of the Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. Each submission highlights a new aspect of SDG5 beyond the traditional issues on the agenda for the conference.

This project is branched under the TQ-Global Goals Initiative, where we aim to facilitate a dialogue amongst students and between change-makers, on how we – in our own way – can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals to accomplish the 2030 Agenda.

We hope that you join us for this conference and in this discussion, to be a part of our diverse community. They will be published on the THIMUN Qatar Press blog and will be featured on our Twitter and Facebook page.

Sandev Ferdinando,
Secretary General, THIMUN Qatar 2018