SDG5 – Thoughts from TQ DSG Zoe Martin-Parkinson

My name is Zoe Martin-Parkinson. I have lived in the United States the majority of my life, but I’ve also lived in China, U.A.E, Jordan, Malaysia, and now Qatar. I have both American and British citizenship and have been lucky enough to travel around the world. I have been a member of my school’s Model United Nations program for four years now, starting out in 9th grade leading up to my final year as a 12th grader. I’ve participated throughout my MUN career as a delegate, chair, and now I’m glad to be ending it with the challenge and honor that is being a Deputy Secretary General for THIMUN Qatar 2018.

Being an art student, I wanted to try and illustrate the message that I felt when examining the 5th Sustainable Development Goal – which is unity. Without a doubt, one of the most complicated issues that the United Nations as well as the world is faced with tackling is that of Gender Inequality – the issue that has been labeled as the 5th Sustainable Development Goal and the theme of this upcoming conference. For me, SDG 5, empowering women and achieving gender equality is a goal revolving around all who identify as women; no matter their place of origin, race, or age. This is also one of the great parts about the SDG: how it unites women to work towards making this goal a reality.