MUN Thought Leaders Summit Hosted by THIMUN Qatar


Carried forward by the positive momentum of #QLC17, two dozen MUN thought leaders, educators and representatives from the United Nations met at Qatar Foundation’s Headquarters to discuss best practices around the idea of Model UN as an impactful and engaging activity, and to formulate a plan that would allow for a new community to develop around that IMPACT. Lively discussions emerged as participants grappled with how to define impact as evidenced through MUN engagement. It was also an opportunity discuss related topics that often become part of larger discussions around MUN: is it elitist, can it be made inclusive, and is there a way to bring different types of MUN under one community and find areas of commonality instead of focusing on differences.

In addition to thought provoking discussion, participants were treated to a visit to HQ’s 8th floor viewing platform, providing some incredible views of Education City and some pretty awesome photo ops. Qatar Foundation’s impressive and inspiring Headquarters, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, was a fitting venue to bring together such a distinguished cohort of MUN leaders, pushing new boundaries and conceptualizing a new direction for MUN engagement and impact on a global scale.